In April 2013, I had an idea to start a website that would share stories from creative people who are following their dreams. Over time, the idea evolved into an interview blog. In October 2015, I met Bojana Marceta and Costandina Antoniou and after realising we had a similar appreciation for creativity and the journey that each artist takes, we were excited to start working on this project together.

Wherever you are on your creative journey, we hope you are inspired. 


If you are a creative person, love what you do and would like to share your story, we would love to hear from you.

To find out more, you can visit the Instagram, or Facebook page, or contact us through the following links:

Rachael: rachael@spoutart.com    

Bojana: bojana@spoutart.com    

Costandina: costandina@spoutart.com



Rachael Russell

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