Interview 90- RAW Perth

“Personally, I think the biggest obstacles for emerging artists are usually self-doubt and the difficulty of building a support network. Almost every creative person will have those moments where they aren’t sure if what they’re doing is even good or worthwhile, so it’s about pushing through that – getting feedback from fellow creatives, constantly developing and expanding your skills, and just straight up perseverance.”

– Cass Looveer from RAW Perth

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Interview 88- Natalie Amrossi

“I hate to say this, as it sounds a bit cliché – but follow your dreams because anything is possible. It’s all on you to make things happen. If it doesn’t, there are no other excuses or reasons aside from yourself. You can control your destiny.”

– Natalie Amrossi

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Interview 87- Ryan Hall

“I draw inspiration from other perspectives. At all times, every single day, I try and view life from the eyes of others. Whether that be my family, my friends, my co-workers, or strangers, I try to open my mind to how they see the world and how that is different from how I see things. I feel like doing this continually gives me fresh perspective and a new sense of understanding of the people around me, which I can then apply to my photography.”

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Interview 85- Roxanne Proulx and Amélie Abraham: With Love

“We are limited only by our beliefs, trying hard to conceal the unlimited power that exists within each of us as a human being. We all bear this internal dialogue, a rivalry between our fear of failure and the desire to accomplish something greater than us.We need to observe ourselves in order to find out which power we nurture everyday, and then realize if the life we live daily is the one we were dreaming of as a child, before “taking a risk” became a pejorative term.”

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