Interview 7- Riley Pearce

“It’s a very competitive industry but it’s also very rewarding, I learn so much about myself and what I want to achieve in my career. Take time to think about what you want and plan for it, set goals and try to achieve them one by one. You’ll enjoy the journey so much more than if you become an instant X-Factor star.”

– Riley Pearce

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Interview 4- Anchored

“Lyrically all the ideas originate from personal life experiences. This translates well with fans because most can relate in one way or another. Our new Ep Outlook in a nutshell is about changing the way you perceive any situation because no matter what it is your Outlook is your choice.”

– Locky Wilson

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Interview 3- Lauren W. Price

“Make sure you enjoy what you do too. No, scratch that, LOVE what you do. Without that incentive, you cannot possibly hope to survive the competitive industry of Art and Design. It’s what keeps you grounded, it keeps you thinking and it keeps you going when it gets tough. If I’ve learned anything, it’s to keep that love for what you do alive and do it well!”

– Lauren W. Price


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