Artist 013- Kevin Herig

Kevin Herig


 Website    Facebook    iTunes    Soundcloud    Rock 101 New Mexico

Based out of Albuquerque NM, Kevin Herig has just released his first solo album “Give It All Away,” which has an acoustic rock feel to it. Also Founder of Rock 101 New Mexico, Kevin Directs a rock n’ roll music program to educate and empower the youth of Albuquerque. Have a listen to “Middleman,” here- one of the awesome songs featured on his new album. To find out more, you can head to his WebsiteFacebookiTunes or Soundcloud

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Artist 012- Ian Bell

Ian Bell

Photographer/ Graphic Designer

Website    Blog    Tumblr

Ian Bell is a Perth based Photographer & Graphic Designer who runs creative online portfolio IB Creative. I heard about Ian as he is friends with Lauren W. Price (Artist 003). So far, Ian’s experience includes logo design, publication design and photography, and he also runs a blog to provide creative inspiration. I love the piece “Home,” by Ian which is featured below. Check out some of Ian’s work here or head to his WebsiteBlog or Tumblr for more. 

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Artist 011- Zoë Ryan & the Dandy Lion

Zoë Ryan and the Dandy Lion


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Wireframe Records Facebook

I found out about singer/songwriter Zoë Ryan through Cayden Hodgson, a friend I met at UH. Cayden was also from Perth and moved to Melbourne shortly after he returned. There, he met up with Zoë, a friend from Perth who was looking for a band for her solo project. Cayden joined Zoë and four others to form Zoë Ryan & the Dandy Lion. Thanks to Zoë Ryan for taking part in the interview and to Cayden for letting me know about Zoë and the band. To find out more, you can head to their iTunesBandcampFacebook or Twitter. You can also check out the Wireframe Records Website or Wireframe Records Facebook.

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Artist 010- Seth Carter

Seth Carter


Website    Design Page    Facebook    Etsy

Vintage Posters Art Etsy

Another awesome artist I came across on Etsy. Artist and Freelance Graphic Designer Seth Carter runs Seth Carter Designs. I fell in love with his watercolours- particularly “Geometric Cut-off” and the untitled piece featured at the bottom of the interview. Keep up the great work Seth. Read on to find out more about the Perth artist or head to his WebsiteDesign PageFacebookEtsy or Vintage Posters Art Etsy.

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Artist 009- The Heart Temple

 No one else in the world can offer what you have to give. Honour the temple within your own heart, listen to no one else’s opinion but your own. Keep going, when you know and live your Truth it has its own rewards. Remember why you are doing this. Create with love and let it all unfold naturally. Get lost in your work, and you’ll find yourself there too.

– Leah Pirone 

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Artists 008- Schwarzie

“You’ve heard it a thousand times from others, because its true: The best advise we can give is make sure you are designing because you absolutely love what you do. We have learned that your true passion will show when you are able to fall back on it, it will be there to catch you when deadlines linger, long hours tick on, do it first and foremost because you absolutely love it.” 

– Schwarzie 

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