Interview 042- Naveed Farro

Showreel from Naveed Farro on Vimeo.

If you had a chance to read Shay Bakars’ Interview last week, you may have caught the awesome video of Shay made by Naveed Farro. Naveed is a Perth filmmaker whose work includes artist documentaries, music videos and short films. Read on to find out about Naveed and his work as a filmmaker or check out his Vimeo or Facebook for more!


How did you first get into filmmaking?

It all began from skateboarding. As a teenager I filmed skate videos with my friends and it drove me to media studies in high school, then university.


What is your favourite film that you have ever made and why?

My most proud creation is definitely the Jonwayne– How to be a Gemini music video. Probably because I’ve been listening to his tracks for the majority of my degree. It was my first project I directed with legitimate actors and it was great collaborating with those talented individuals.


Tell us about what is involved in the process of filmmaking.

A lot of planning and organization… such as finding locations, equipment & crew. It is a real struggle to be honest but the final product is almost always worth the effort.


Your work includes artist doccos, music videos and short films. Do you have a preference?

Creating short films is definitely the most rewarding experience for me. I like to create narratives to music from artists I respect & follow. Ultimately, I’m more motivated working towards a story that is meaningful to me especially.  


 Naveed Farro


What inspires you? 

I have a great deal of sources of inspiration such as music, certain locations I come across and everyday life situations.  Typically I’m inspired by watching great films and music videos. Some notable directors and/or cinematographers I dig are Nabil Elderkin, Emmanuel Lubeski, Rodger Deakins, Terrence Malick, Tarantino, PTA, David Fincher & Wes Anderson.


How do you ensure you what you produce is in line with the clients vision?

 We usually discuss visual ideas for a long while before anything gets shot.


What do you think is your role as an artist?

Woody Allen — ‘The artist’s job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.’


What advice would you give to aspiring filmmakers?

Remain diligent & above all have patience. I don’t have any of those qualities but you have to try.



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