Interview 45- My fake birthday

Today we have Perth artist Zac Nauendorf who goes by the name of My Fake Birthday and is regularly posting new tracks to his Soundcloud. Have a listen to one of his beats here called My Dreams are Magnetic. To find out more about Zac, head to his Soundcloud or follow him on Instagram. 

My Fake Birthday


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What got you into music?

I‘ve always been a fan of music, I consider myself a listener first and foremost. Music brings people together and makes you feel a myriad of emotions so it was a natural progression I guess. I was intrigued by turntablists from a young age and began to play around with music at home. I met DJ Junior who showcased his talent and really opened my eyes to the technical skill and competitive nature of the scene. I have slowly been finding my style and think that it is something that will continually evolve over time.


Whats your favourite track and why?

Lately Ive been feelin’ AbJos Lauryn Hill flip of Rule The World, the chimes really hit a nerve but mainly because I recently saw her perform, but that question is ever changing.


You’re into many different styles. Do you have a favourite?

That’s a difficult question, I’m all about good beats. I began using the Myfakebirthday moniker to push all avenues of ‘future beats’ adding influences of my own liking and exploring aspects of my personality that seep into each mix, conveying a more emotive side of the growing beat scene, while still keeping it interesting and listenable. Have really been feeling female vocalists like Cole Marie aka CoMa, JadeCheri, Kelela, Janita, Sade, Rochelle Jordan (list goes on) and incorporating their sound with male vocalists like Vijay Iyer and even Justin Bieber… artists who wouldn’t normally associate with one another, I find, can be reinterpreted and presented in such a way that a listeners perception can change, shedding new light on creative thinking; Bridging a sort of gap in communication.


What inspires you to create?

I consider it an ability to communicate to others; music is a universal language without borders. I’ve been inspired and influenced by others and find it necessary to give back what I’ve got out of my experience. Finding a sort of common ground with others and just vibe on it.


Whats in store for 2014?

A few more bootlegs in the works. I will be posting a new mix very soon, keep checking for updates. Hopefully a few mixes later toward the end of August.


What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Aspiring artist is a category I’d put myself in but I encourage everyone to continue inspiring one and other, the more good vibes you put out the more will come back. Networking is something that I myself need to do more of but I’m aware of how it can help you with your goals, online networking is easy way to communicate with like minded people.


My Fake Birthday


Soundcloud    Instagram

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