Interview 48- Logan Crawford

Self-taught musician Logan Crawford lives and performs in Perth, Western Australia. He recently released his EP titled- Breathe, which is featured below. To find out more about Logan and his music, check out his Youtube or Facebook page. 

Logan Crawford


Youtube or Facebook

Tell us about how you first got into music.

I discovered the wonders of music by chance at the age of 15. My mum had an old classical guitar that had been with her since her years at Teachers Training College. It happened that she never got around to learning the instrument, but held onto it for its sentimental value. A friend of my older brothers was around at our house one fateful afternoon and knew a small amount of songs. Most importantly, he knew how to tune it! After going over the riff to Nirvana’s – Come As You Are, I was instantly hooked to the capabilities of this mesmerising magic. From there I pursued a self taught-path to where I am currently; on the verge of releasing my first EP!


What is your favourite song you have ever written and why?

I wrote a song called – Memories. Its by far the most simplistic of tunes and perhaps the most earnest of lyrics that make this song a memorable one. It was in-fact the first song I ever wrote and performed in front of anybody. It does have an elaborate meaning and special place in my heart but it has evolved to encompass an array of situations I’ve faced in my life. Thus, it remains a song that still enters my setlist from time to time, even now, 7 years on.



What inspires you? 

Inspiration is a sensitive subject in my writing style. I’m yet to understand why and when I am best capable of writing. It happens in eruptions of emotion and can only sometimes exist in a small window of time. I tend to reach into my deepest thoughts and experiences when writing. The process for me starts from a musical pattern and progresses there into the songs suitable lyrical content.


What do you think stops/blocks artists from being successful?

Self doubt. I myself face this horrible burden of an emotion on regular occasions. It’s important to understand a method of avoiding and recovering from this detrimental state of thinking swiftly and effectively.


What does music mean to you?

I can not say something cheesy like ‘music means everything to me’. I quite simply used music as my way of expressing my thoughts and telling my story. In essence, I would pursue music for my own mental benefits before the thought of performing to others ever crossed my mind. I don’t intend to sound selfish at all in that statement. I find that if you are true to your music at an individual level, then it speaks to others more effectively when they hear it.


What are your hopes for your future in music?

I endeavour to continue to strive for a career. It’s an incredibly difficult and fragile world to enter, with such a small percentage of ‘success’ at a commercial level. I guess nothing worth doing is easily done.


What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Don’t get caught in the trap of modern throwaway style music. Write and perform for yourself first and others will find comfort in that earnest approach. I’m not yet what you can call a successful artist, therefore my advice can hardly be considered as a firm source of direction in any musical pursuits. I may have more legs to stand on in this regard in the future. Here’s hoping!!


Logan Crawford


Youtube or Facebook

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