Interview 56- Natalie Carter

Natalie Carter is based in Melbourne, Australia and runs Light My Fire Candle Co. offering hand poured soy wax candles. Todays post is for aspiring creative entrepreneurs looking for some inspiration. To find out more about Light My Fire, head to her WebsiteFacebook or Etsy page. You can also check out her Instagram here: @lightmyfiremelbourne

Natalie Carter


Website    Facebook    Etsy    Instagram: @lightmyfiremelbourne


What is it that you love to do?

I love creating things that make people smile. From cooking, to taking photos, and now candles and body scrubs, there’s a satisfaction that you get from somebody getting excited about something you have worked to create.


Was this always what you wanted to do or did it emerge?

It had never crossed my mind until I found myself with a couple of weeks spare! I bought a candle making kit and the ball just kept rolling, there is a process to it that is similar to working in the kitchen, it’s about measuring and temperatures and timing and practise making perfect.



Did you ever feel different in any way and how did you deal with this?

I think throughout primary and secondary school, no career ever got me excited, I just stuck with something that I didn’t truly love simply because there wasn’t a prospect of “doing whatever the hell you want to do” school was quite boring, I didn’t enjoy the subjects and prefer learning at my own pace. And unfortunately it’s a huge problem for a lot of people in school, but sometimes in order to get into a dream career, you have to make it up yourself.


How did you get started in following your dream?

Seeking out opportunities, asking questions, telling people that this is what you love and encouraging working together with people who are also working toward achieving their dreams.

There’s nothing more inspirational than creating with like minded people.


Who or what helped you in the process?

Somehow everybody I know has shaped my work in some way or another, even if it’s something as small as colours on a logo to something as huge as recognising something that is promising.


What challenges did you encounter and how did you overcome them?

One sentence “everybody does candles though” and while yes it’s true, you’re also putting forward a part of yourself, that’s when you will know if you believe in what you’re doing enough to keep pushing forward.


How did others around you react to you following your dream?

My friends and family are so brilliant, wether it’s giving insane ideas (some insane to the point they might work) or encouraging me to go forward and tell anyone who will hear it that this is what I want to do.


How did you/do you overcome sharing your work?

It’s so so scary watching people walk by and not even look at the work you’re putting forward, I used to take it so personally, but you have to remember that not every person is going to love what you do, but what matters is those people that do love it.

I focus my energy on the people who are engaged by my work and taking an interest in them as well, you tend to learn a lot when you pay attention to the kind of people your work attracts.


What has changed in your life?

It’s the little goals that mean the most, when people tell you they like what you’re doing, it’s a successful day. I don’t think I could do a job where I cannot wake up in the morning and do what I want to do, it feeds your soul a little bit more. It’s a good feeling.


What message are you trying to share with your work?

I like making people feel good, even if it’s a candle, it’s nice to know someone, somewhere is smelling the air and thinking “oh that Tahitian vanilla is so nice” or after a ridiculously stressful day, covering themselves in cocoa scrub and washing it off along with the day… It’s nice to know in some capacity it’s benefiting someone’s day.


What advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to create the life of their dreams?

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, focus on yourself and doing whatever you can to make your own life richer. Stop waiting for the stars to align, you can make it happen anytime, anywhere, any way you decide.



Natalie Carter


Website    Facebook    Etsy    Instagram: @lightmyfiremelbourne

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