Interview 43- Lanark

LANARK are a five piece Dream-pop/ Post-rock band from Perth, Western Australia. Today we hear from Sandon French contributing answers on behalf of himself, Damian, Temily, Michael and Darren. They have just released their debut self-debut. Have a listen to one of their tracks Able Oust and head to their FacebookInstagram or Bandcamp for more. 



How did Lanark come to be? 

There is an old and derelict share house in the middle of quite a posh suburb in Perth that has housed the majority of the Lanark band members and many close friends for several years. We realised that a lot of our friendships/connections had been made through that old run down house on Lanark street, so we thought the name was quite fitting. We also completed pre-production for the album in the kitchen of the Lanark house. We all have some pretty nostalgic memories of the antics that occurred there and the beginning process that led to our first album. Unfortunately though, the house was recently knocked down.


What drew you to dream-pop/ post-rock?

I think we all really connect with the general vibes that the genre encapsulates. It also ultimately symbolizes an overlapping interest point for all five of us in the band.


What was the inspiration behind your recent album ‘Lanark’?

I think the main inspiration behind the album was to write something that flowed cohesively and to somehow capture the energy and excitement we had about being in a band together as five close friends. We collectively and individually experienced a wide range of occurrences and life events whilst writing the record. Regardless of how ‘cheesy’ it sounds, each feeling or development we made as band translates to a certain track on the album. I can trace many parts of my life back to the conception and formulation of all the tracks on the record and the processes we shared as friends.

We ultimately wanted to challenge ourselves by writing and releasing an ‘album’ instead of taking the smaller step to an ‘E.P’. Whilst the entire process took much longer than we anticipated, we are all very proud of the final product and the first two years we have spent as Lanark.


Love your song Able Oust. As a band, what is your favourite song from the album and why?

Thank you.

It’s really difficult to pick a favorite song as a band because our individual attitudes and feelings towards the songs change from week to week. We have completely re-vamped and adjusted many songs on the record for live shows and this has also helped breathe life back into some older songs.

With this being said, my personal favorite is probably ‘Homeland Cities’, which is the closing track on the album. We predominantly write Lanark songs with all five of us together in the rehearsal space, but this song was written in a different manner. Darren (Drums), Temily (Keys) and Michael (bass) wrote the bones and structure of the song whilst Damain (Vocals/Guitar) and I (Sandon – Guitar) were absent. The boys recorded several rough takes of the song and bounced it to our collective band email. I was quite ill at the time and started to work on the track from home. The guitar part I was writing sounded very different to the other songs on the album and I was concerned if it was going to ‘work’ or not. Damian (Vocals) was also on holiday in Germany penning lyrics to the song whilst it developed and changed back in Perth. When we rehearsed the song together for the first time it was exciting and also very surprising for all these separate strands of ideas to somehow work and inter-relate together even though they had been written in complete isolation. This process allowed for a new space and dynamic that we all recognize as one of the stronger moments of the album.


Whats in store for the rest of 2014?

We are all really excited about heading over to Melbourne to play a few shows in early July with some great friends. It will be our first little tour outside of Perth. We will be releasing more information/details about our Melbourne trip relatively soon on our Facebook page. We have also been working on a video with our close friend Ashleigh Nicolau. Whilst it is still in its infancy, it will be released relatively soon.
We have also started to write some new material that we are all really buzzing about. Ideally we would like to head back into the studio during the latter half of the year. I think it’s healthy to keep writing, recording and releasing material. It helps us all develop and grow as a band and doesn’t let our older material gather dust and get stale.


Here’s a live clip of a new song ‘New Temtation’ (working title – Named after our keys player Temily) filmed by Chris Nixon at our album launch back in March.


What advice would you give to aspiring bands?

Write the music that you want to write. Don’t change/alter your music for anybody. Stick to your guns.


Lanark. Photography by Billy Reeves. Left to Right - Darren, Michael, Temily, Damian and Sandon
Lanark. Photography by Billy Reeves. Left to Right – Darren, Michael, Temily, Damian and Sandon

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