Interview 89- Ivana Dejanovic

“When I started there were a lot of challenges. The biggest was to persuade myself how to step out of my safe zone. The courage to work, make mistakes and go on further, was my biggest challenge.”

– Ivana Dejanovic


Ivana Dejanovic

Fashion illustration

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Ivana Dejanovic is a 27- year- old self-taught Fashion Illustrator from Serbia. She graduated from her studies in Interior Design and Law Faculty, but found herself drawn instead to Fashion Illustration. Read on to find out more about Ivana and her journey so far. 


Tell us about your Illustrations and Artwork and how you got started.


I began with Illustrations three years ago. I remember turning over the leaves of a fashion magazine and thinking if I can’t buy that dress I can draw it.


Was this always what you wanted to do or did it emerge over time?


As a child I was keen on drawing and it was shown later like a nice choice for Grammar School. I applied to Grammar School for Interior Design and Industrial products in Novi Sad. Although that period of my education is not directly connected with Fashion Illustration, those experiences mean a lot to me. After that, I tried to make a rational decision according to University and I applied to Law thinking that I would not take a pencil and a brush in my hands any more.


You also love reading. Tell us why books are such an important part of your life. 


Books are an important part of my life. Because of that they are probably a frequent subject for my Illustrations. When I was a little girl if I was not drawing I was reading. Books are an everyday way relax, they inspire me and I do not make any difference between genres. I read everything according to my mood and instant interest.


Who has helped you in the process of following your dream? 


Definitely my parents. They are my biggest support and critics. They are always here if they should pay a compliment to me or criticize me. They support me and enjoy in each of my successes.


What inspires you? 


Inspiration comes from different things. There are no rules, it is everywhere in us. It is in people, seasons, music, books, fashion, designer’s dress…And it is always unexpected, it comes when I at least hope.



What challenges have you encountered and how have you overcome them? 


When I started there were a lot of challengers. The biggest was to persuade myself how to step out of my safe zone. The courage to work, make mistakes and go on further, was my biggest challenge.


Have you encountered burnout and if so how did you deal with it? 


Yes, those stages exist. I learnt through the time, when that stage comes I put my pencil and paper away and turn to another job or I take a rest that day. It was shown as a good recipe. Therefore I fill myself with some energy and everything goes easier.


What message are you trying to share with your work? 


When I create an illustration, I do it in the hope that I will provoke nice feelings and draw out a smile on the person who sees it and for whom they are assigned.


How did you learn to deal with criticism? 


At the beginning I prepared myself for refusals and critics. Art is subjective, something that a person likes does not mean that another person likes it as well. If someone does not like your work it does not mean that you are bad or you are not capable. I think that the most important thing is not to take those things too personally.


What is it that you love about living a creative life?


Each project is different and I have an opportunity to meet creative people. There is no routine, each project is new and special. Sometimes I feel like I am beginning all over again.


What advice would you give to aspiring artists? 


Practice beats talent. Work on your dreams every day and never give up.


What have you learned in the process of following your dream? 


You need to have a lot of patience and work hard for them to come them true.


What are you most excited for in the future? 


For the new creative projects which are in the plans and for the blog which is being prepared.

Ivana Dejanovic

Fashion illustration

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