Interview 86- Lena Navarro

“It is very hard! This world is not a dreamy place, and not to many dreamers survive, but it is something that can not be taken from me. Dreams come true only if the hard work goes right next to them.”


Lena Navarro


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Lena Navarro is an artist who lives and creates in Arizona in the US. She was born and grew up in the Ukraine and drawn to art from a young age. Lena always wanted to create new things and change existence. She knew that most children were like this, but then grew up to become “normal” adults finding a good office job. For some reason, Lena was never attracted to this perspective and wanted a different life. Now, she has that life, bringing her original touch to people’s lives and homes through her oil painting, just as she dreamed when she was a little girl.


Art was always a passion for Lena, but the confidence to pursue it professionally only came in 2011. Art is the way she expresses all the colours of her soul and it’s a way to create long-lasting things that deliver her message. Lena loves it when her art brings a smile to people’s faces or makes them stop and think and feel. She wants to change the world through her art. Read on to find out more about Lena and her beautiful work.


Art has been a passion of yours for years, but the confidence of wanting to be a professional artist only came to you in 2011. Tell us a bit about your journey so far, and the development of this confidence.


I painted since middle school, so it was always natural for me to create art, but it wasn’t something I was pursuing, it was something I was doing in my free time. After I collected many pieces of art I decided to go to the art show and listen what people think about my art, because  you know, you shouldn’t believe your mom, listen to other peoples opinion. I loved the show, even though I didnt sell anything,  because I realized my art inspires people, gives them a smile, and they want to talk about it.  I was so happy.

At first it was hard to show people my work, but with time i gained the confidence and it became part of my life, part of who I am. At first I had to lean to live with that, but later on it became something I am proud about.


What and who has helped you in the process of following your dream? 


I had a few downs in my creative journey. A had a long time without painting after I got married and moved to a different town. My life changed a lot, and painting wasn’t a part of it. I let my circumstances dictate  what my life should look like.  Later on I was encouraged by my friend, who is an artist as well, and I got back to my painting with the whole new attitude, passion  and love .


What inspires you?


Oh, thats easy:). I am observing the world around me, I am staring at people while waiting in line, I notice how the light reflects on my child’s cheek. It gives me instant desire to get to my brushes and paint. The colors are a big thing for me. I notice those beautiful combinations in the nature and I want to show them through my art. Another big inspiration  is people. Talking to cool people makes me want to paint, reading about people who made a progress in the world is very inspiring too, and of course looking at art of the great musters   gives me a big push.


What challenges have you encountered and how have you overcome them? 


I don’t pursue the lifestyle other people do, I don’t have a “real job” and I look at many things differently,  so I have to be ok, that people don’t understand me, and look beyond it.  The hard part is rejection. Who didn’t experience this feeling and who likes to be rejected? Dang, it hurts, no matter how much of self talk I’ve done with the all right answers, it hurts me.  When I stop looking at myself as a victim, but rather taking the best out of this challenge, it helps to keep going.



You say you paint not what you see, but what you feel. Tell us a bit about the message you are trying to share with your work.


I always try to look beyond visible things when I paint. I don’t want to be very realistic in my art. We have enough of reality. I want to give to my pieces something , that comes directly from me, not from reality .


How do you overcome the vulnerability of sharing your work? 


When you are an artist it happens a lot.  I expose myself through my art and everybody can see it,  can judge it and can react the way they feel like.


How did you learn to deal with criticism? 


Criticism always will be there, no matter how good I will ever get. You know what is the perfect way to avoid criticism? It is to shut up. To be silent when you have something to say and let the things be the way they are. No thank you. I chose my way and I get everything what comes with it, and I am ok. The joy of doing what I do is way bigger, then negativity I might face. It is something I have to get over. I can not please every one and its ok.


What is it that you love about creating?


It is very pleasing. It brings me to the place where I can be myself.  it can bring other people to a place, where they can enjoy to be alive and experience this beauty. I love to think, that my art will touch other peoples lives and it is something I can leave after myself.


What advice would you give to aspiring artists?


If you love your art strong enough- you are strong enough to cary it through your life and deliver your beautiful message to people.


What have you learned in the process of following your dream? 


It is very hard! This world is not a dreamy place, and not to many dreamers survive, but it is something that can not be taken from me. Dreams come true only if the hard work goes right next to them.


What are you most excited for in the future?


I am very excited about my new collection coming up this summer. It will be about amazing and weird people. It has personal character, because as I said earlier, people are very inspiring to me. I invite all the readers to join me in this exciting waiting time. You can get all the info if you join my club on my website.


Lena Navarro


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