Interview 77- Robert Ligtvoet

“If you think you have a good idea: just do it! A good idea does not go unnoticed.”

Interview 77- Robert Ligtvoet

Robert Ligtvoet

Teacher, Model, Traveller

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Robert Ligtvoet is a 27 year old maths teacher from the Netherlands. After graduating from mathematical finance, he travelled for 17 months and after returning home he decided he would rather teach maths than work in the financial sector. Robert also enjoys modelling and some of his work is featured in a project called ‘Suit Up Around the World’. This project got him another job at a suit company in the Netherlands and he is now responsible for their marketing campaigns! Read on to find out more.


Tell us about your life as a creator and how you got started.

My name is Robert and I am from the Netherlands. After graduating from mathematical finance, I decided I was not ready to become a stocktrader yet, so I went on a 17 month journey to Australia, New Zealand and lots of countries in Southeast Asia. During my journey I got to know myself a bit better (I know, its pretty cliche) and I made the decision to become a maths teacher upon my return in The Netherlands. I really love teaching and math, so I was pretty sure it would make me more happy than becoming another stressed out guy in the financial sector.

However, there was one thing that I missed about not being in the financial sector: wearing suits. Ever since I watched how I met your mother, I developed a passion for wearing them. Therfore, I thought it would be a pretty good idea to combine traveling and wearing suits, which ended up in the photography project called ‘suit up around the world’. The idea turned out to be quite succesful; I got lots of positive reactions online and from friends and family and it actually got me another job at a start up suit company in the Netherlands, called Lloys tailors. I am now responsible for their marketing campains!


Who has helped you in the process of following your dreams? 

My friends who are crazy enough to put on a suit as well on the craziest places. Especially going to Sweden to go camping during wintertime, which resulted in some amazing pictures in the snow. One of my friends actually went into an icehole to act as a fish, while I was fishing in my tuxedo.



What inspires you? 

I havent really had any external influence for coming up with my ideas.


What challenges have you encountered and how have you overcome them?

No real challenges yet.


What message are you trying to share with your work? 

Suiting up isn’t something that’s just meant for formal occasions.



How have you learned to deal with criticism? 

I havent encountered any negativity about my project so far.


What is it that you love about what you do? 

I love traveling and I love wearing suits. Whats not to love about what I do? 😉



What advice would you give to aspiring artists? 

If you think you have a good idea: just do it!


What have you learned in the process of following your dreams? 

A good idea does not go unnoticed apparently.


What are you most excited for in the future? 

I am very excited about working for Lloyd Tailors. Talking with them about what they want to achieve with their company, got my lots of new ideas for great pictures and videos of suiting up in unconventional places.


Interview 77- Robert Ligtvoet

Robert Ligtvoet

Teacher, Model, Traveller

Instagram    Youtube

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