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Seven singer/songwriters, seven bands, four photographers, three graphic designers, two record collectives, two artists, one design brand, one acapella group, one tattoo artist, one make-up artist, one writer and a DJ!

Thanks so much to everyone who shared their amazing work in the 31 Artists, 31 Days Project! Here’s some of their best advice, quotes and inspiration.

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Anna Shulte

Photography is power to find and show beauty of our world, which we tend to miss in our everyday rush.



Our biggest advice for preparing to be a part of a singing group, especially an a cappella group, is to sing a lot (all the time!), especially focusing on improving two things: your ability to blend and your strength as a solo singer.


RAWLAB Entertainment

Be a craftsman. Good enough is never good enough, you’re in Australian Hip Hop for the love of the music and the art-form so study hard and perfect your art.
Show Respect. Just because you may not be feeling someone’s style or content, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your respect for putting their balls on the line, getting up there and doing it. There’s a place for everyone, if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it, but don’t disrespect others’ art.

Be yourself. Don’t try and imitate something you are not. Everyone has their own voice and personal truth, and it is the artists that put that into their music that are the ones who end up the most respected. Don’t let anyone tell you who you should be, this is Hip Hop.
And don’t steal our ideas.
Grinny and Big T


James Morton

In the words of Nike, Just Do It! Once you do a few gigs, it shakes the nerves off and gets really addictive.


Aimee Wheeler

I write songs in the moment. If I feel a certain way I will sit down and play my guitar and the lyrics come to me.  I guess it is a way for me to express how I feel without actually telling anyone how I feel, So I guess I look inside me for inspiration.. HAHA cheesy!


Hailey Sims Designs

It is scary trying to get out there as a new designer while studying or just graduated but it’s worthwhile. Connecting with industry is the most important thing you can do. It is from these connections you will get 90% of your work experience or job offers. Also attend as many social graphic design events as you can! Meet people with similar interests and get your name out there, the more people who know about you the better. Networking is absolutely the best thing a young designer can do.

Hailey Sims Designs
Hailey Sims Designs



Don’t wear lycra on stage if you plan on using candles for ambience.

Photography by Nicole Clissa Photography
Nicole Clissa Photography


CJ Williams Photography

To me it’s not only a way to express myself creatively, but it’s documenting the little moments as well as the big ones. The smaller details say so much about people’s personalities.


Paint the Sky Red

Make sure you all have a common mindset, whether that be the type of music you want to write, or how serious you are about your music. If you’re trying to start a band, find people that will commit to it… that way… you’ll get stuff done aha


Jed Ogram

I would say draw and paint as much as you can. Do the research and try and get into a well-known well respected shop so you can learn the right way from the start. Be prepared to put in a lot of hard work and a lot of hours. It’s a long slow road to tattooing but if your driven and want it that bad its all worth it in the end.


Sinners & Saints

The biggest thing, I think, is the fear of just jumping in the deep end. Throw yourself out there and learn what you need to in the process. There is no fail-safe solution to being popular in the music industry, you just need to swallow pride and get up and do it.


The Advance

Be patient and excellent at your craft. Most every band wants to explode immediately and many labels or people offer that at a really high cost. Save your money, work hard and write the songs you want to write. Also if you ever need anything feel free to reach out and we would love to try to help you. One of our mottos is: Simple. Excellent.


Sam Sinclair

Started playing guitar in 6th form and its grown every day from then. If I don’t play the guitar or do something creative every few days I get a bit stir crazy. Guess it’s how I make sense of the world.


Kristy Ellen Creative

I was very very lucky in that when I decided to pursue makeup artistry as a professional career I was surrounded by some very lovely ladies whom I could look up to & learn from. To build your skills it is important to always be challenged & the best way to do that is to have a great group of people around you. Youtube is also great! There are an endless amount of tutorials. My favorite is Lisa Eldgridge. I love watching her & she is great in kick starting the motivation when feeling lazy!


Richmond Music

Do what you love. Stay true to yourself. Nurture your talent. And do it with your best friends. -H

Photo by Sean Poitras.
Photo by Sean Poitras.


Niki Mossop

Go for it! [follow your dream] It will take a bit of time to get yourself set up, but its so worth it!


Brady Key

Being an independent photographer allows me to get to know my clients on a more personal level. I have really come to enjoy the people I meet and the stories they have to tell.

Photo by Kaethe Richter
Photo by Kaethe Richter


Reilly Craig

… it took me just over 6 months to get good enough (in my opinion) to using the loop pedal for a live show. And it takes a lot of practice at getting your timing perfect. So master your timing and practice religiously and you will be ready in a lot less time than I was.

Photography by Jason Eshraghian
Photography by Jason Eshraghian


Kevin Herig

Write for yourself, about anything that moves you. Keep it light and fun.


Ian Bell

This project is ever changing, really dependent on the weather seasons, which add their own flair into each image — something that you simply could not photoshop, or to a point design. This is why I love photography; you can capture things that are simply there, and within this is a set of ideas, feelings & connotations that add so much to the reading of the image.


Zoë Ryan & the Dandy Lion

Keep doing it. I was given that advice once by a singer-songwriter I admired. She was doing what I wanted to do, and was where I wanted to be. So I kept doing it, I would always pass on that same piece of advice. Keep doing what you love, and the rest will come.


Seth Carter

I don’t know if I have much useful advice, but maybe something cliché like “never give up” haha. It can take a long time to try and get your art out there and for people to start to recognise it, but there are so many options, easy options to get it out there. Facebook can do this for free and even Etsy is cheap and painless to set up and can give you a wide exposure online.


The Heart Temple

No one else in the world can offer what you have to give. Honour the temple within your own heart, listen to no one else’s opinion but your own. Keep going, when you know and live your Truth it has its own rewards. Remember why you are doing this. Create with love and let it all unfold naturally. Get lost in your work, and you’ll find yourself there too.




You’ve heard it a thousand times from others, because its true: The best advice we can give is make sure you are designing because you absolutely love what you do. We have learned that your true passion will show when you are able to fall back on it, it will be there to catch you when deadlines linger, long hours tick on, do it first and foremost because you absolutely love it :)

Sisters Astrid and Karen at the Schwarzie first birthday shoot
Sisters Astrid and Karen at the Schwarzie first birthday shoot


Riley Pearce

It’s a very competitive industry but it’s also very rewarding, I learn so much about myself and what I want to achieve in my career. Take time to think about what you want and plan for it, set goals and try to achieve them one by one. You’ll enjoy the journey so much more than if you become an instant X-Factor star.

Photo by Cody Roberts
Photo by Cody Roberts


R.E.A.L. Music

We have a huge passion about actually making a difference in people’s lives rather than just giving them something nice to listen to. And that starts internally. Music is merely a means to influence positive change. We run heaps of all ages drug and alcohol free events to support community causes as well as a series called “Brighter Days” which brings together some incredible artists from around the country to raise money for charitable causes. It’s never boring being a part of REAL, we’re always looking for new opportunities to grow but one of the biggest buzzes is playing an event to young people and seeing the look on their faces when we genuinely influence their lives. That’s why we do what we do. That’s what’s REAL.


Emily Paull

First of all, read.  Read everything.

Second, don’t aspire to be a writer, BE a writer.  And writers write.

Third, keep a journal.  Write whatever the heck you want in it.

Fourth, be daring.  Contact the writers you admire, introduce yourself if you get the chance.  The local writers I admire have been very kind to me in my journey.

Fifth, take courses.  Take good courses.  In Perth, UWA extension runs some great ones, and the writers centres in your capital city can help with that.  Go to writers festivals, read blogs, read literary magazines.  Submit your best work to anywhere you can.  Cast a wide net.  Get your name out there.  Build a portfolio.  And never ever give up, even if you have a year like I’ve just had where no one will touch your writing with a 20 foot barge pole.  If you love it, keep going.



Network, Network, Network! Make sure you are going to shows and meeting people. When you are on stage be enthusiastic about being there and make sure you engage the crowd. Get some studio time and make sure your music is easy for people to find, for example free cds at shows.

Photo by Georgia Sassenfeld Photo & Design
Photo by Georgia Sassenfeld Photo & Design


Lauren W. Price

… make sure you enjoy what you do too. No, scratch that, LOVE what you do. Without that incentive, you cannot possibly hope to survive the competitive industry of art and design. It’s what keeps you grounded, it keeps you thinking and it keeps you going when it gets tough. If I’ve learned anything, it’s to keep that love for what you do alive and do it well!



I think any dj will do well if they are doing it for the right reasons which is to try and make an impact on peoples lives by play awesome music and to make people happy. Anything that is worth anything is worth sacrificing for.


Helen Shanahan

If I had any advice to give it would simply be to be yourself! I know its very cliché but in the music industry people connect with music that is real and honest so as long as you stay true to who you are people will resonate with that.

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