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Odlaw are a four piece Indie Rock band I came across on Triple J UnearthedThe Perth band is made up of Ben Macri, Mark Neal, Nicole Clissa and Will Blackburn. Odlaw are currently working on their Debut EP, set for release mid 2004. They recently uploaded their cool new track, “Cabins,” to Triple J. You can have a listen to it here or head to their Facebook or Twitter

What inspired the name Odlaw?

The Where’s Wally villain.


How did the four of you come together as a band?

Our two frontmen, Mark & Ben were both from other Perth bands who played together on a few occasions. After those 2 bands disbanded Mark & Ben decided to join forces and write songs together. Bass player Nicole, and drummer Will, joined in later to fill out the sound.


What drew you to Indie Pop?

It just kinda happened, wanted to have fun and not take ourselves to seriously. If Mark had his way we would be more like Eminem.


Tell us about your song, “Cabins,” and how it was inspired.

We wrote all the music for Cabins in the rehearsal rooms, we should have been rehearsing but instead wrote the music and melody to that. Mark thought it would be funny to take a somewhat happy/boppy song and use a horror movie as the base for his lyrics. He decided he wanted the lyrics to be inspired by the Eli Roth film Cabin Fever but didn’t have time to watch it again, so Nicole watched it and wrote down a bunch of quotes and words and he used that for the song.


Who writes the lyrics and music?

Mark and Ben take turns as the main singer and songwriters in the band, Mark writes lyrics for his songs and Ben writes lyrics for his songs, most of the time one of them brings in the bare bones of a song and we all add our bits.


Who are your biggest influences musically and why?

We love lots of Perth bands, The Love junkies are amazing, Mathas is brilliant, Abbe May is awesome, and The Disappointed are just a little okay.

You’re currently working on your Debut EP, to be released in 2014. What can fans expect to hear from this?

Elephants are the only animal that can remain standing when they die


What advice do you have for aspiring artists, looking to do something similar?

Don’t wear lycra on stage if you plan on using candles for ambience.


Photo by Nicole Clissa Photography
Photo by Nicole Clissa Photography



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