Group 023- Paint the Sky Red

Today we have my cousin George Shingles, and his band Paint the Sky Red. The Busselton Pop-Core band is made up of George Shingles, Emmett Carroll, Jack Cotton, Zachary Carter and Bevan Austin. They have recently started gigging and are working on new material. Check out some live footage from their latest gig or head to their Facebook

Paint the Sky Red
Paint the Sky Red

How did the band come together?

We were all friends from high school, and we formed the band based on shared passion for music and friendship.


What got you into pop-core?

We have all listened to this genre of music for a long time. Our influences come from bands like Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Our Last Night, A Day to Remember, and the list goes on.


Where have you guys gigged lately?

So far we have only had one gig at the ‘Margaret River Skate Art Music Festival’, but we have another gig at Busselton Battle of the Bands on the 10th of January.




Who writes the lyrics and where does the inspiration come from?

We all write lyrics, and then we just conglomerate the lyrics that fit the song we’re writing. Inspiration comes from things that happen in our lives I guess.


What song did you have the most fun playing live?

Probably ‘Right Where I Wanna Be’ because it is a bit heavier than the rest of our songs. It’s also our most recent song, and is the kind of genre we want to head towards.


What does music mean to you all?

Music is basically our life, we have all been playing various instruments since the early days. When we’re not listening to or playing music, we’re either working, or… dead haha


What are your hopes for the future of the band?

We hope to continue to refine our songwriting skills, and start getting more and more publicity and bigger gigs until we’re playing with the best of them.


What advice do you have for other young artists, looking to come together to form a band like yourselves?

Make sure you all have a common mindset, whether that be the type of music you want to write, or how serious you are about your music. If you’re trying to start a band, find people that will commit to it… that way… you’ll get stuff done aha


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