Group 020- The Advance

The Advance is a rock band from New Mexico, made up of Daniel Schwartz, Nate Erickson and Jp Schwartz. The music is written for religious and non religious people alike. Today we hear about the band from Dan, Nate and Jp! You can head to their WebsiteFacebook or iTunes to find out more. 


How did the Advance form and who’s in the band?

We started out as friends who love Jesus and music. We began to hang out and just pray and dream about what could happen. There are 3 of us on stage ( Dan, Jp, and Nate) but our team is 5 people- 2 band pastors Justin Marbury and Aaron Bower and then the three of us.


The Advance
The Advance


Your music is for religious and non- religious people alike. What sorts of reactions do you get when you tell people you’re in a Christian band.

Sometimes when people say “so you’re a Christian band” they kinda roll their eyes but we don’t hold it against them haha we just love making music but it’s always for the purpose of sharing the gospel story. We know not everyone is going to love that about us

– nate



What got you guys into Pop Rock?

We love pop melodies, but we have always leaned towards a louder rock and roll music so I guess we just blended the two

– dan


I enjoyed your song “The Great War” and look forward to hearing more of your music. What inspired this song?

Thank you! We can’t wait for you to hear more.

We wrote this song thinking about how all of life is war, whether we see it or not we have to fight for and against certain things. We believe as a band we have to fight to stay focused on why we do what we do. At the end of the day, it all came down the idea that yes, life is war but our Captain is here and the war is in His hands.



You’re in the process of raising funds for your First EP as you are currently unsigned. What can fans expect to hear from this EP and where can they go to support you by donating?

We are! At this point we are just roughing it without a label but we have had a lot of help from our studio friends at Asterisk productions. This EP is going to be really diverse, fans can expect to hear a lot of different sides of the band musically and a very consistent message. Anyone who wants to donate can go to our website and click on donate. The external link is


Where do you usually perform as a group?

We have a good base of friends and fans in Phoenix and Albuqeurque. We really like to travel and play all over though.



You guys look like you have a lot of fun. What’s it like being a part of the band?

Sometimes we may have way too much fun… We aim to keep it fun and pretty much go hard every show. I love this band, I have played music with so many different people and there are just certain people that you love playing with, that you just love in general and that makes it fun. We also try not to take ourselves too seriously and remember that we are just another couple humans on the planet playing music and jumping around on a stage. It is also a band requirement to wear skin tight denim, jackets and boots

– dan

It’s a privilege to be a part of something with so much energy. Jumping around on stage with these guys is a dream come true



What does music mean to you all?

Music is an amazing thing by itself, but when you couple it with a life-changing message, it is profound. It’s pretty simple for us, we love music, but it’s just our method of communicating the gospel

– jp


What plans have you got for the future of the band?

I think every band dreams huge, we dream really huge! We want people across the entire world to not just hear our songs but to walk down the street singing them

– dan


I like the thought of people saying “ Dang, this is Jesus music? It’s good enough that I’ll listen anyway.” Then hopefully the message will seep into their lives



What is the message you would like to get across most of all?

Everyone has a center, something that drives and motivates everything they do. In this life everything will fail (careers, money, people, etc…) except for the hope found in Christ. He offers free and eternal love to all who would call on Him. Everyone is a slave to something, the question is will your master take from you and give nothing back or will that master give you everything?


What advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to follow a similar direction?

Be patient and excellent at your craft. Most every band wants to explode immediately and many labels or people offer that at a really high cost. Save your money, work hard and write the songs you want to write. Also if you ever need anything feel free to reach out and we would love to try to help you. One of our mottos is: Simple. Excellent.


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