Interview 44- Eve Coen

I came across Perth artist Eve Coen on Instagram. Check out her Quick Lapse HD Video here. Eve is regularly posting Youtube tutorials for her fans. To find out more about Eve and her great work you can head to her Youtube

Eve Coen




How did you first get into art?

Well my dad does a lot of artwork, he taught me everything I needed to know with shading and drawing faces etc. Also it’s in my blood. I come from a family of art 🙂


How would you describe your style of art?

Eclectic. I go through phases where I draw skulls and evil things to where I draw people and animals. 


Where do you go for creative inspiration? 

I normally just go to other artists for inspiration. Other artists are my inspiration… Also my dads art 🙂



Tell us about your amazing Youtube videos. 

Oh I don’t use my channel anymore :-/ I post every now and then but not really my favourite social app.


I love the eye piece on your Instagram. What is your favourite original piece of work you have ever done and why?

Thank you. My favourite is probably a snake-man I did for my dad. I did that a few months ago now and started at 6.00pm and finished at 1.00am so it took a long time. Also because it was just totally all from a dream I had and I was determined to put it on paper 🙂


What are your hopes for your future in art?

Graphic designing… Or designing tattoo’s for people then they can take it to the artist. But graphic designing is my main focus. 


What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

I like this question 🙂

Well one, don’t give up on a piece you’re working on, just keep trying and trying. Don’t doubt your art, believe in yourself and believe you can get to the goal you want to achieve. Don’t waste your money for things that you won’t ever, ever use. Always try your best!


Eve Coen



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