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Richmond Music is an acoustic duo from New Mexico, formed by Nathan Boitano and Heath Warren. Their first single “Feels Like Home,” was chosen for a New Mexico Tourism Campaign, allowing the guys to film the video all over New Mexico! Their first album will be released in 2014 so follow the links at the bottom to stay updated. You can watch their video, “Feels Like Home,” here or head to their WebsiteFacebook or Soundcloud. 


You guys are lifelong neighbours and best mates. How did the acoustic brotherhood Richmond Music all start?

Nate and I first started playing together in the band Asper Kourt about six years ago.  When AK decided to take a break in May of 2012, we wanted to continue playing music.  It’s been fun to push ourselves as musicians with a whole new project. -H


Where did the name come from?

Long story short, the name Richmond started as a running joke between everyone vs. Heath. During college, I maliciously labeled a Relient K album as “Richmond”, told Heath they were an underground Indie band from San Diego, CA and ran with the joke for several years. Heath loved “Richmond”, and would burn CD’s for people, even looking them up on YouTube and iTunes (with no luck). We got a few other bands in on the joke – it was awesome. He eventually found out. Heath and I decided that if we ever started a band we’d call it Richmond. -N


What drew you to acoustic and pop rock music?

I think that we both love the simplicity and relatability of acoustic pop rock. Unfortunately “pop” music has grown a bit of a negative association in recent years, but at the heart of pop is storytelling and people just sharing their hearts. As songwriters we are both relatively new to the storytelling aspect.  When we played in Asper Kourt, Heath was the drummer and I was the lead guitarist. Acoustic pop/ rock is a great genre to create music that is not only easy to listen to, but is relatable and emotional. Music is all about emotion, and we love that. -N



Your first single “Feels Like Home,” was selected as a musical backing for a Tourism Campaign for New Mexico. What was it like getting to film your video all over NM?

First of all, it’s been quite the honor to work with the Tourism Department. Secretary Monique Jacobson and her team have been a blast to work with. During the filming process, Nate and I got to experience a lot of places we’ve never seen before. We both have our own favorite stops, but it was a great time meeting new people and learning about the history of our amazing home. -H


The video got roughly one play every 25 seconds for three days straight! It’s now got over 30,000 views. How does it feel?

It’s been a pleasant surprise to say the least. We are very thankful for the positive response the video has gotten. It’s a direct reflection of the hard work that the New Mexico True Team put in to make this video a success. We hope it continues to be seen. -H


I love your song “Leave the Light on”. Who writes your lyrics and where does the inspiration come from?

“Leave The Light On” was a melody idea Nate wrote on the piano when we were living together in college. We put it in our back pocket for awhile, and finally finished it this year. The lyrics always seem to be a collaborative effort. As far as inspiration, we have experienced a lot of life’s ups and downs together. It helps to be able to understand each others vision for these songs and push each other to finish them. We are excited for our first album to be released in 2014. -H



Who else plays in the band with you when you gig?

Live shows are pretty simple – Heath on lead vocals/ acoustic guitar and Nate on piano/ guitar, and background vocals. We’d love to eventually add a drummer and bass player to the lineup. -N


Where do you guys like to gig?

The best gigs are when people are there to enjoy music. This could be at a coffee shop with 10 people listening, which is better than 100 people all talking and disconnected. Our hometown of Albuquerque, NM has some great venues. Although touring can be exciting, there’s nothing like a good hometown show playing for all of our friends and family. -N


What does music mean to you both?

Music is something we have been inspired by our whole lives. We both started playing at such a young age, it would be hard to picture music not being our biggest passion. No matter what you are going through, no matter how you are feeling, there is always a song that can relate. It’s a beautiful thing! -H


What advice do you have for aspiring artists, looking to get into music?

Do what you love. Stay true to yourself. Nurture your talent. And do it with your best friends. -H


Richmond Music


Website    Facebook    Soundcloud

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