Interview 53- Dialekt

Dialekt is an Australian born MC and freestyler. You can watch his track “Fortress” here. His new single which dropped on the 29th of November, is inspired by celebrity suicide and mental illness. Thanks very much to Dialekt for contributing to provide inspiration to aspiring MCs. To find out more about Dialect and his work head to his WebsiteFacebook or Soundcloud. Also, on June 5th, 2015, Dialekt dropped his new album which can be purchased here

What made you follow this path and why? 

Having no direction as a youth made me follow this path. I was always bullied at school and making music gave me an outlet. It was self-therapy.


Was this always what you wanted to do or did it emerge?

Since I was about 12 I always wanted to do this so you could say when everyone else was following a specific trend at the time I always had just one passion, which was writing lyrics and creating/recording songs.


Did you ever feel different in any way?

My depression and A.D.D always made me feel like I was different. At an early age I was diagnosed with clinical depression & obsessive-compulsive disorder, which, most likely was the reason, I was so meticulous with my craft.


Who helped you follow your dream?

The only people that ever helped me were my mother and my brothers and sister. I did a lot of things on my own and always have. I broke free by getting myself expelled from a private school so I could attend a public school where I could focus on what I really wanted out of an education. English & Drama were the only things I ever really excelled in at school. I would get straight A’s and flunk at the rest, which is pretty much, a reflection of my life. I’ve always been either great at something or really terrible. There is no grey area.

Did anyone know about your dream?

At first, no they didn’t. I was a recluse. As I started developing an artist then everyone knew.


Did anyone question your choices? If so how did you deal with this?

When you do what I do people are always questioning your choices. I will always remember one of my teachers, told a couple of my class mates she only bought my CD (which I was selling by hand) because she felt sorry for me.

Do people call you lucky and how do you respond to this?

I get called lucky all the time, but only from people who are observing from a distance. The ones who have seen what I’ve gone through in the industry, they never call me lucky. It’s a tough road and most people I came up with, have quit because it’s just not logical or realistic to be an artist. You get judged constantly, you barely make a living and you have to deal with the frustration of other artists around you becoming successful for the wrong reasons. It will always be about whom you know and not how good you are unfortunately.


How do you deal with not being considered part of the norm?

To be honest, I prefer it. Normal people are boring.


What blocked/ stopped your success and how did you overcome this?

Most of the industry at some stage has tried to block me from being successful. NOVA FM got me in for an interview for my new single and never played the song or interview. I’ve had that happen on numerous occasions. My previous record labels have severely fallen apart and every thing has come crashing down right before the release of an album. When things have imploded or ended based on others I have always just travelled. Met new people and explored as many different routes to work my music.


What keeps you going? 

I want to prove people wrong. All the messed up things I’ve had to endure along the way have pushed me to endure. I’m not a bitter person but you know what they say, the best revenge is success.


What did you go through/ endure to get here?



How did you/ do you overcome fear?

I over came fear from practice. In a way, when you run out of things to fear, the fear kind of dissipates.


How did you/do you overcome sharing your work?

I started saying whatever the hell I wanted to.


How did you learn to deal with criticism?

I used to care a lot about what people said but then I realised, everyone has haters. Usually the better you are the more you have. So at least I know I’m doing something right because my haters grow every day. Really, I just focus on what I like. I have people around me that know me for who I really am. Every one else just blindly critiques.

What does it mean to live the live of your dreams? 

For me, living my dream is being financially stable enough to where I can make music full time. If I can support my family from what I love doing there isn’t too much else I could ask for.


What inspires you?

My mother. She has gone through more than any other person I’ve ever met and still wakes up with a smile on her face every single day.


Where do you go for creative inspiration?

Usually I drive alone by myself, its one of my favourite past times. Many of my songs have been written in a quiet parking lot where I can just get away from the world.

What are you most excited for in the future?

Releasing my album titled ‘Forever Is Over’ in March 2015. The title says it all because I have been waiting forever for it to drop and now the wait is over.


What advice would you give yourself if you could go back?

Forget getting in relationships. Music & family are what’s most important. A lot of time has been wasted on a lot of people that didn’t deserve the effort. There’s a quote I read a while back. Music isn’t going to wake up one day and tell you it doesn’t love you anymore.


What advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to create the life of their dreams?

Never let hate stop you because there will be a lot of it. If it breaks you at some point it will make you later on.








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