Interview 83- Jenny Wong-Stanley

“It doesn’t matter if you are a hobbyist or a full-time artist as long as you are making something and it is satisfying to you. Know what you are willing to sacrifice for your art (time, sweat, equity, money, etc.) and push that boundary– just find a way to continue until you can’t or won’t.”


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Interview 61- Jesse Nusbaum

Jesse Nusbaum is a sculptor from Weston, Connecticut. He discovered his passion and talent for art at a young age, winning the Best Sculptor Award his junior and senior years in high school. This was coupled with a passion for sports. He attended Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvaniam, where he was able to pursue both of these passions. Jesse played on the baseball team and majored in Studio Art. Muhlenberg is known for its Centre of the Arts, which was founded by the internationally renowned sculptor, George Rickey. After graduating, Jesse set out to pursue a career in art. Since then, he has been teaching art to children in Fairfield County’s public schools and custom designing his original sculptures for clients.

Jesse incorporates realism as the driving force in his work and some of his sculptures replicate the actual size and detail of real animals. As a result, his clay pieces range from several hundred pounds to almost 600 pounds prior to being fired and hollowed out. After the clay sculpture is finished, a mold is made, and is then casted into 100% Hot Cast bronze or aluminum.

Some of Jesse’s work is on display at The University of Connecticut; where he presented a husky sculpture to both head basketball coaches, Geno Auriemma and Kevin Ollie, in recognition of their National Championships. Additionally, Jesse has been featured in numerous juried art shows in the Tri-State area at galleries such as the Carriage Barn Arts Center, New Canaan’s Art In The Windows, Stamford Art Association Gallery, and a juried website for artists called Area Artist, ( In December 2015, his pieces were displayed at Art Basel Miami.

Jesse Nusbaum


Website    Etsy    Instagram: @Jesse_Nusbaum_Art

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