Interview 93- Carey Acquafresca-True

“I don’t believe we as human beings are wired to not be creative. I believe that every human being has a talent. Some will never discover theirs out of fear of failure or some other circumstance. For me, I need a balance of a practical life and earning a good salary, having health benefits for my family, etc… but I also crave being creative. This was missing from my life for a long time. Now that I have it, I don’t want to let it go.”


Carey Acquafresca-True

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Interview 92- Katie Williams

“Don’t hold back from what you love! This is the most important thing. Money matters, but only a little. Work as hard as you need to support yourself and your passion. You will find more joy in doing what you love than you will find anywhere else. Your happiness is vital. Please never stop creating. We are living in a technological age that’s opening endless doors for us creatives. All you have to do is work for what you want and persevere.”

– Katie Williams

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Interview 88- Natalie Amrossi

“I hate to say this, as it sounds a bit cliché – but follow your dreams because anything is possible. It’s all on you to make things happen. If it doesn’t, there are no other excuses or reasons aside from yourself. You can control your destiny.”

– Natalie Amrossi

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