Interview 57- Rachel Ann Cauilan

“Be true to yourself. Live honestly. Be a good person. Know your strengths and play those strengths up. Everyone is here for a reason, and we are given our gifts and talents for a reason–why waste them by never sharing them?”

Interview 57- Rachel Ann Cauilan

Rachel Ann Cauilan   

Blogger/ Musician/ Writer

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Rachel Ann Cauilan is a writer, guitarist, music lover, journalist and blogger. She is currently studying Literary Journalism and Film & Media Studies at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Rachel has a love for uncovering and connecting with individuals whose stories mean something and runs Beauty Within, which is a testament of her life growing up, from all the people, places, things, and feelings she has known. You can watch her “Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac Cover) which was done with her friend Ayana Giann Carlos, or take a look at her Youtube

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Interview 55- Matt Ondarchie

Matt Ondarchie


Facebook    Soundcloud    “R.E.A.L Music”    Twitter or Instagram: @whatmsees

Matt Ondarchie- Musician

Matthew Craig is a musician and co-founder of creative collective “R.E.A.L Music”. He can be seen over New Years at Beyond The Valley Festival in Philip Island, Victoria. You can check out his most recent parody rap battle here and follow Matt on Twitter or Instagram: @whatmsees. For more info head to the R.E.A.L Musics’ Facebook or Soundcloud.

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Interview 47- Holly Norman

Today we get to hear about Perth singer/songwriter Holly Norman. The pop/folk songstress launched her debut EP Hollypop in 2013 which has a real Alice in Wonderland feel to it. You can watch one of her songs Letterbox Genie here, which was performed live at the Ellington Jazz Club.

Find out more about Holly and her Upcoming gig with Helen Shanahan and Jessica Morhall, or have a listen to some of her songs on Youtube. You can also check out her Facebook, or Instagram for more. 

Holly Norman

Singer/ Songwriter

Youtube    Facebook    Instagram

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