Interview 75- Katarina Mijatovic

“I love everything and every part of what I do. That sense of slight fear at the beginning when I’m questioning myself how I’m going to pull it off, the brainstorming, the euphoria you feel when you get an idea in middle of the night, the challenge to wrap the ideology of someones business and express it in the simplest and most creative way.”


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Artist 012- Ian Bell

Ian Bell

Photographer/ Graphic Designer

Website    Blog    Tumblr

Ian Bell is a Perth based Photographer & Graphic Designer who runs creative online portfolio IB Creative. I heard about Ian as he is friends with Lauren W. Price (Artist 003). So far, Ian’s experience includes logo design, publication design and photography, and he also runs a blog to provide creative inspiration. I love the piece “Home,” by Ian which is featured below. Check out some of Ian’s work here or head to his WebsiteBlog or Tumblr for more. 

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Interview 3- Lauren W. Price

“Make sure you enjoy what you do too. No, scratch that, LOVE what you do. Without that incentive, you cannot possibly hope to survive the competitive industry of Art and Design. It’s what keeps you grounded, it keeps you thinking and it keeps you going when it gets tough. If I’ve learned anything, it’s to keep that love for what you do alive and do it well!”

– Lauren W. Price


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