Artist 009- The Heart Temple

 No one else in the world can offer what you have to give. Honour the temple within your own heart, listen to no one else’s opinion but your own. Keep going, when you know and live your Truth it has its own rewards. Remember why you are doing this. Create with love and let it all unfold naturally. Get lost in your work, and you’ll find yourself there too.

– Leah Pirone 

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Interview 3- Lauren W. Price

“Make sure you enjoy what you do too. No, scratch that, LOVE what you do. Without that incentive, you cannot possibly hope to survive the competitive industry of Art and Design. It’s what keeps you grounded, it keeps you thinking and it keeps you going when it gets tough. If I’ve learned anything, it’s to keep that love for what you do alive and do it well!”

– Lauren W. Price


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