Interview 91- Courtney Romano

“I believe a lot of the world’s problems could be solved by people owning their stories and answering the call in their hearts. When people are living from their authenticity, they make better decisions, are more generous and tend to be a little less anxious. It opens the possibilities right up. If every single person decided to honor their heart-centered will, instead of their ego-centered will, I believe we could heal a lot of the troubles ailing the world. We live in a time where people don’t believe in miracles, we don’t believe in change, we don’t believe we can do better. I think individuals who are tapping into their creativity and honoring their highest self are the change agents of our entire world. Every single person on this planet is creative. It’s just a matter of owning it.”                      

 – Courtney Romano

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Interview 84- Bojana Novakovic

Bojana Novakovic: “I’m trying to live my life by serving somehow, especially with the photographs that I do while working in Nepal. But I don’t have a message. Other people can create a message from it. I think people are looking for messages and people look for heroes and examples, but I’m not that person and there is nothing in me that says I need to bring this message. I live how I think humans should live”.

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