Group 025- Odlaw



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Nicole Clissa Photography

Odlaw are a four piece Indie Rock band I came across on Triple J UnearthedThe Perth band is made up of Ben Macri, Mark Neal, Nicole Clissa and Will Blackburn. Odlaw are currently working on their Debut EP, set for release mid 2004. They recently uploaded their cool new track, “Cabins,” to Triple J. You can have a listen to it here or head to their Facebook or Twitter

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Artist 024- CJ Williams Photography

Perth based Photographer Carly Williams runs CJ Williams Photography.  Her portfolio includes Weddings, Engagements and Portraits, Styled Pretties and Commercial. Carly’s style has a gorgeous vintage feel to it, and her photo sessions aim to capture unique natural moments. You can have a read about Carly and some of her beautiful work here or head to her Website or Facebook

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Group 023- Paint the Sky Red

Today we have my cousin George Shingles, and his band Paint the Sky Red. The Busselton Pop-Core band is made up of George Shingles, Emmett Carroll, Jack Cotton, Zachary Carter and Bevan Austin. They have recently started gigging and are working on new material. Check out some live footage from their latest gig or head to their Facebook

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Artist 022- Jed Ogram

Working out of Holdfast Tattoo in Victoria Park and Mount Lawley, Jed Ogram is a Perth Tattoo Artist. Since its 2006 inception, Holdfast has become a leading custom tattoo studio in Perth. I found out about Jed and his awesome work through his Fiancé Kristy, from Kristy Ellen Creative (Artist 018). Thanks to Jed for getting involved and to Kristy for letting me know about him. Check out some of Jed’s work here, head to the Holdfast Website or find him on Instagram @jed_ogram. 

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Artist 021- Sinners & Saints

Sinners & Saints is a 3-peice Aussie hip hop band from New South Wales. Formed in 2013, their style is a mix between American rap and Aussie sound and features Alco, Stone and Dr Bob. Today we hear from Marc about Sinners & Saints and their upcoming EP release, “One Life, One Death,” scheduled for March 2014! To find out more about the guys, you can head to their Triple J Unearthed or Facebook

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