Interview 033- Brush Strokes

Todays artists wrote their latest album 14,00 miles apart! Originally a folk duo made up of Nathan Andrews and Colin Baillio, Brush Strokes have now become a trio. They are currently working on a new album with Meredith Wilder of the band Wildewood. You can watch the video to find out about how Nathan and Colin wrote the album, “In Media Res,” despite Nathan being in Seattle and Colin in Albuquerque. To find out more about Brushstrokes, you can head to their Facebook, Youtube or iTunes


Tell us about folk duo “Brush Strokes,” and how it came to be.

We played music together in the past but moved to different cities.  Several years later we got back together to finish an old song.  We were happy with the way it turned out and realized we wanted to work together again.  We were still living in different places (Nathan in Seattle and Colin in Albuquerque) but we continued to write music together by sharing ideas over the Internet, phone calls, and the mail.

Now, our folk duo has become a trio.  We have been working on writing a new album with Meredith Wilder of the band Wildewood.  Our new album will be finished this winter and released this spring.


Where did the name “Brush Strokes,” come from?

Colin came up with the name of the band as a symbol of uniqueness within music.  A brush stroke in visual art will always be unique so we had the hope of having that same uniqueness in our music.


You wrote the album “In Media Res,”1400 miles apart. How did you make it work?

We would send ideas to each other and try and complete the others thought.  One person would send the other a musical or lyrical idea and the other would add something to it.  Each song is a complete collaboration between the two of us and each would not be the same if the other were not involved.



Who is featured on the album?

Playing with as many different musicians as possible on the album was very important to us.  We only had a week to record so we had to organize a lot of different peoples schedules into the one week and were very happy with how many people were interested in being a part of what we wrote.

Meredith Wilder played a big roll with her singing on the album, which is why we asked her to be an even bigger part of the next album.

A band from Ohio called Peter James and His Flapping Wings also sang on a song called Who We Are. 

Some friends from Seattle helped significantly as well.  Evan Bauer played drums and Brian Rently played Pedal Steel.

In addition to them we had lots of friends from Albuquerque sing on the album:

Tucker Austin, Kelsey Baillio, Cassandra Clowry-Baillio, Kenny Broyles, Hiram Camp, Lisa Collins, Kendra Crooks, Tessa Frohe, Rebecca Garcia, Alyssa Hedrich, Frank Murry, Cherokee Randolph, Cody Ross Romero, David Schripsema, and Michael Shu.



Tell us about the week, when you came together to record your album.

That was probably the best week of our lives.  The first few days we laid down some basic outlines of all the songs and the rest of the six days we added all the details.


What song did you have the most fun recording?

We recorded three live songs on the album.  These three songs make up a little story so it was nice to have the same group of people in all of them singing together.  That was a very fun thing for us to do and we hope to do it again on the next cd.


Tell us about the support you received from KICKSTARTER.

Our Whole album was funded with Kickstarter.  We promoted it as best we could every day it was up and ended with more than we asked for.  We sincerely thank everyone who donated because we could not have done it without them.  The money we received from Kickstarter was spent to hire musicians to play on the album and produce a physical CD with a lyric booklet.


What advice do you have for artists, looking to collaborate long distance?

Distance should never be a deterrent.  Not being able to play live shows together was frustrating but that distance made it easier for us to focus on writing which to us is the most important part of the process.  We wrote and rewrote (and rewrote and rewrote) almost every line of every song.




 What does music mean to you all?

Music is a way for us to be together and learn about each other.  It’s a way to be human.   All three of us agree that writing and recording music is so important because it allows us to look back at where we have been.


What are your hopes for the future of Brush Strokes?

We would like to travel and always be learning about music and the world around us.  Writing music is our way of discovering things. 


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