Interview 69- Sasa Ratkovic

“I would say it takes passion and hard work. You have to be a true dreamer.”


Sasa Ratkovic

Photographer and Digital Artist


Sasa Ratkovic is an 18 year old photographer from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is currently in high school studying Civil Engineering. Sasa first started working with digital design and some time later started exploring the photography world. His plan is to study at the Academy of Art University to further improve his knowledge. Read on to find out more about Sasa and his work.


Tell us about your work and how you got started.

In 2013. I started exploring digital design, and in 2015. I made my first steps in photography.


What inspires you? 

My mood mediates my work. I let myself to imagination and inspiration comes by itself.


What challenges have you encountered and how have you overcome them?

I’m still trying to acquire needed equipment and to learn to use light in best way possible. The biggest problem in the beginning was learnig to work with software, hard work and determination helped. Of course I still have a lot to learn.



What message are you trying to share with your work? 

Mostly, I try to express my imagination and to show what I feel while looking the world around me.


How did you learn to deal with criticism? 

I try to learn from constructive criticism.


What is it that you love about what you do?

Capturing moments that I find special and sharing it with other people, and luckly trigger some deeper look into things that surrounds us.



What advice would you give to aspiring artists? 

If I’m eligible I would say passion and hard work.


What have you learned in the process of following your dream? 

You have to be true dreamer.


What are you most excited for in the future? 

I’m looking forward to improve my technical skills and maybe having my own exhibition.


Sasa Ratkovic

Photographer and Digital Artist


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