Artist 031- Anna Shulte

Anna Shulte works on Santorini- one of Greece’s most breathtaking islands. Anna is a portrait and wedding photographer, who uses Santorini’s incredible vistas as a backdrop. I came across Anna’s photography on Pinterest and love her blog Santorini Photography. Anna loves pastel tones and describes her photography as pure, light and mysterious. Take a look at some of her beautiful work here! To find out more, you can head to her WebsiteFacebook or Pinterest


Having been to Mykonos and Athens, it is my dream to travel to Santorini one day! What drew you here?

I had a chance to come to visit some friends here in Santorini, and stayed permanently. Just didn’t go home any more.


Anna Shulte


When did you first get into photography?

I always loved to pay attention to details, and I loved to find beauty in ordinary things. When I was 15 I got my first point-and-shoot camera. I took it with me everywhere. After a while I got a camera that gave me the opportunity to make my visions real.


You must constantly get to meet excited new travellers during photo season. What’s it like getting to share their special experiences?

I’m lucky that I can work with travelers, they are on vacation and that’s why they are happy about everything. I like meeting people from different cultures, this way I can learn new things. Once I had a Chinese couple, and they reacted very confused when I asked them to kiss each other on the cheek for a picture.



What is the aim of your photography?

My aim is that these three words – pure, light and mystery – are the first that come to mind while describing my photography. For me pastel tones are related to mystery, it feels like fog or dream. I think that our beauty is hidden in our soul and it is a mystery to everyone else unless we let them see it.



Where’s your favourite place to shoot on the island?

Every village with caldera view, Imerogvili, Firestofani, Fira and, of course, Oia. The architecture is so amazing in these villages, you can capture different shots for everybody.


Anna Shulte


Do you prefer portraits or landscapes?

As we have a big difference between seasons, I can enjoy both. Love to photograph portraits during summer time, when life is like an anthill. And landscapes at the winter time, when weather is crazy, but streets are very quiet and calm.



What does photography mean to you?

Photography is power to find and show beauty of our world, which we tend to miss in our everyday rush.


What advice would you have for aspiring destination photographers?

Simple- if you love it, do it!  🙂


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