Artist 027- Aimee Wheeler

I came across young Perth singer/songwriter Aimee Wheeler on Triple J Unearthed under Indie Artists. Aimee is just 17 years old and has a gorgeous raw voice. She sings both covers and originals and uploads material to Youtube for her listeners. Find out about what inspired her to write the beautiful song, “Brave,” and more about her singing and songwriting! You can also head to her Youtube or Triple J Unearthed for more. 


I love your song “Brave” on Triple J Unearthed. What inspired you to write it?

My Song “Brave” was inspired by a little boy named Jahvis who was diagnosed with leukemia at only 5 years old. When my friend told me about his situation I couldn’t imagine how hard it was going to be for him and is family but how brave he was! My friend and I started to play around with words and the first verse was born. Brave then grew from there. I had the amazing opportunity to sing this song at a fundraiser for Jahvis just weeks before he sadly passed away at only 6 years old.


You have a gorgeous raw voice. Musically, who would you say is your biggest influence?

I started to play guitar 18 months ago, shortly after I heard Ed Sheerans song A-Team playing on t.v. This is when I became really interested in music! I have always liked to sing but I never really found my voice until I started to play guitar.  So I would say that Ed Sheeran definitely kick started my love for music!


When did you start songwriting?

I wrote a song called ‘You’ in 2011 which my friend and I then put a tune to but never really went much further with that until after I had written Brave. The first proper song I wrote is called “Facebook Boy” which I wrote almost a year ago now. So I only started to write songs fairly recently!


Where do you like to go for creative inspiration?

I write songs in the moment. If I feel a certain way I will sit down and play my guitar and the lyrics come to me.  I guess it is a way for me to express how I feel without actually telling anyone how I feel, So I guess I look inside me for inspiration.. HAHA cheesy!


Photo By Maverick Lam
Photo By Maverick Lam


Have you been working on any new material lately?

I will be posting lots of new covers and hopefully some new originals! So Look out for that and subscribe to my YouTube channel!


You’re only 17 (turning 18 in January!). What are your hopes for your future in music?

My hopes for music in the future is to one day have an E.p or an album and be able to inspire people and perform to people who want to hear my music!


The top photo of Aimee was courtesy of Maverick Lam (on the set of the music video for a cover of “Run” by Daughter). To find out more about Maverick Lam and his work you can head to his Facebook

Also, check out Melvin Heins’ Instagram: @melhein


Edited By Melvin Hein
Edited By Melvin Hein

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