Artist 026- Hailey Sims Designs

Originally from the South West of Western Australia, Hailey Sims moved up to Perth to study Graphic Design. Hailey aims to provide a unique style of design to her clients, suited for any situation or placement. Find out more about Hailey and her designs here or head to her Facebook, Website or Behance


Tell us about Hailey Sims Designs and where the idea came from.

I actually had to create a personal brand as part of a project at university. But whilst designing my identity really began to like what I had created and was getting excited at the aspect of running my own design business.



What was it like moving from Down South to the City to become a Freelance Graphic Designer?

Well I had never lived away from home before so it was scary at first but I was excited to under-go my studies in Graphic Design and be a part of Perth’s rapidly growing design life.



Your website says your main passion in design is print. What draws you to this?

I think my love for print has come from my love of reading. I have always been drawn to a nicely designed novel or magazine, I can’t help myself. I get very excited flicking through the pages or feeling the covers of a nice book, there is something truly special about a well-designed publication. What also fascinates me is the long history and how print design is always evolving and changing to suit modern technologies.



When the client has a vision they wish to achieve in terms of Identity and Branding, how do you get the design just right?

As a designer my main job is to create a design that reflects as closely as possible the image the client has in their mind. As for the process itself, initially I conduct an informal meeting where I attempt to get a decent idea of what the client is after. I also ask them to provide some examples of designs that they like or that they may wish to emulate. I then take that and conduct in-depth research, where I look at existing designs used by the clients competition and identify things that I can do differently to help my client standout. Then I create a variety of concepts and development work to refine the design to get it just right. Throughout this refinement process I am constantly in contact with the client, which ensures that the final design will be perfect.


Design for Eclectic Clothing Brand


Out of all your work, what is your favourite design and why?

Three Bears Estate, which I designed as part of a project at University.

It was a great brief that allowed me to work in all of my much-loved areas of design. (Packaging, Identity and branding and Publication) and working with my favourite medium watercolour was just the cherry on top. Plus it has bears. I LOVE Bears.


Design for Three Bears Estate
Design for Three Bears Estate


See more of the Three Bears Estate photos here:


Was it easier or harder coming up with a design for your own brand?

The hardest thing for me was the colour palette. I always struggle with colour choices as I love almost all colours. I knew was that it had to have a light grey as that was a part of my existing brand, but the yellow had to go. The yellow represented an old me, an old part of my design life and now I wanted a colour that represented my new style.

This was the same with my typeface choice. My last existing brand was a very corporate slick sans serif and that wasn’t me anymore. I decided that a hand drawn slab serif would be my identity as it suits my current design personality and plus let’s face it; slab serif is pretty awesome. So the typeface choice was the easiest.


What does design mean to you?

Design is an extension of myself. The fact that I get to share my personality and design style with other people in the work I do for them is amazing. To create something exciting that brings a smile to someone’s face is one of the most rewarding feelings.


Cover for Lifestyle Magazine Overground
Cover for Lifestyle Magazine Overground


What are your hopes for the future of Hailey Sims Designs?

Now that I have graduated Curtin I hope to either find a full time job at another studio or agency so I can further learn and gain experience in how to run a design business, whilst still freelancing and further growing my own business.


Have you got any advice for designers just starting out?

It is scary trying to get out there as a new designer while studying or just graduated but it’s worthwhile. Connecting with industry is the most important thing you can do. It is from these connections you will get 90% of your work experience or job offers. Also attend as many social graphic design events as you can! Meet people with similar interests and get your name out there, the more people who know about you the better. Networking is absolutely the best thing a young designer can do.


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