Artist 024- CJ Williams Photography

Perth based Photographer Carly Williams runs CJ Williams Photography.  Her portfolio includes Weddings, Engagements and Portraits, Styled Pretties and Commercial. Carly’s style has a gorgeous vintage feel to it, and her photo sessions aim to capture unique natural moments. You can have a read about Carly and some of her beautiful work here or head to her Website or Facebook


You’ve been shooting for eleven years now. Tell us about CJ Williams Photography and how you got started.

I started by business initially to work as a real estate photographer, but was quickly drawn to portraiture because people are a whole lot more interesting. It was only a matter of time before I was asked to shoot a wedding and I was hooked. From there I spent a lot of time learning and developing my technique, which I am still constantly evolving.


CJ Williams Photography


Your work has a vintage feel to it. What drew you to this style?

I have always had a soft spot for the rustic and vintage, even before I started exploring it as a photographic style. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the nostalgic element, or maybe I was just born in the wrong decade.



Describe the lifestyle of a photographer.
There are a lot of hours in front of my computer during the week, but on the weekends I’m surrounded by prettiness. I get the chance to be creative all the time so I can’t complain.



You love capturing natural moments. How do you put your clients at ease?
It can be tricky, but it’s something that comes with practise. The more relaxed I am, the more relaxed my clients seem to be. Sometimes it’s as simple as having a conversation with them and firing a few quick shots in between. Even the most camera-shy bride can look relaxed with the right distractions, and a handsome groom is a pretty good one.


How do you work with your clients in order to deliver the pictures they envision?
I have been really blessed with my amazing clients because they trust me to shoot what I think is right for their day. We have an initial meeting to discuss location ideas, but I try not to plan too much. It’s nicer to let their day flow naturally.



How do you know when you’ve got the “perfect” shot?
It’s just that feeling you get when you know you’ve caught a fleeting moment that tells a story and it’s in focus.



What does photography mean to you?
To me it’s not only a way to express myself creatively, but it’s documenting the little moments as well as the big ones. The smaller details say so much about people’s personalities.


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