Artist 022- Jed Ogram

Working out of Holdfast Tattoo in Victoria Park and Mount Lawley, Jed Ogram is a Perth Tattoo Artist. Since its 2006 inception, Holdfast has become a leading custom tattoo studio in Perth. I found out about Jed and his awesome work through his Fiancé Kristy, from Kristy Ellen Creative (Artist 018). Thanks to Jed for getting involved and to Kristy for letting me know about him. Check out some of Jed’s work here, head to the Holdfast Website or find him on Instagram @jed_ogram. 



What got you into Tattoo Artistry and when did you start?

I first started learning to tattoo in 2008 but it didn’t quite work out I guess you could say. Then in 2010 I was lucky enough to be offered an apprenticeship at Holdfast tattoo. Playing in bands and being around people that were heavily tattooed as well as a massive love for art was what got me really interested in tattoos. I always looked at tattoos as the ultimate art form and it really kick started the desire to learn more and more about the art.



You work at Holdfast Tattoo Studio in Mt Lawley and Victoria Park. What’s it like spending your workdays surrounded by such creative people?

All the people that work at Holdfast are so incredibly talented and such amazing artists. I feel very grateful to be surrounded by such creative minds and to have learnt everything that I have. Everyone feeds off each other in that kind of environment and it really pushes you to explore creative boundaries.



What was it like tattooing someone for the first time? Were you nervous?

The very first tattoo I did was on me so that didn’t really matter and the second was on a very good friend and there was a lot of beer involved so it seemed like an awesome idea at the time! I was crapping myself the first client I tattooed though! It was such a crazy feeling, looking back on it I barely remember it because it was all a blur.



What’s the favourite Tattoo you’ve ever done to date?

I don’t know if I can narrow it down to one tattoo but there are pieces that I’m most proud of for sure. When you finish a larger scale piece that you have put hours and hours into, and it all comes together and the client loves it, it’s really rewarding. And even smaller single session tattoos when the client loves what you have done then its always an awesome feeling.



How long are the waiting lists usually at Holdfast?

Its different for each artist. Some of the guys do a lot more large scale work than others so their waiting lists are a lot longer usually anywhere from two to three, up to six months. For smaller single session work you could be looking from a couple of weeks up to three months. The shop does get a lot of traveling guest artists so you can usually get an appointment with them within a few days.



What’s the longest a Tatto has ever taken you?

I did a solid blacked out arm on a guy and that took me around 40 hours I think. We did a stack of appointments most of them around three hours at a time.



What’s the most common Tattoo people ask for?

I guess lettering is probably the most common. Trends come and go but lettering is always the most popular I would say.



Ever had any drunk clients regretting a Tattoo the next day?!

Not that I know of! We usually wouldn’t tattoo drunk people for that reason I guess. Everything seems like a good idea when your drunk and ive seen plenty of tattoos that people would regret the next day!



Tell us about your own tattoos.

I have a pretty broad mix of work on myself. I never really looked for too much meaning in my tattoos most of it is just because I love the artwork or it was done by a good friend so I was just happy to have something from them. But in saying that I have a few little tattoos that have a story or a lot of meaning behind them. I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a few pieces from some awesome traveling artists who always have some good stories and a different approach to everything. Tattoos  will always mark a time and a place in your life and that’s a pretty special thing to have in my opinion.



What advice would you give to aspiring Tattoo Artists?

I would say draw and paint as much as you can. Do the research and try and get into a well-known well respected shop so you can learn the right way from the start. Be prepared to put in a lot of hard work and a lot of hours. It’s a long slow road to tattooing but if your driven and want it that bad its all worth it in the end.

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