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Sinners & Saints is a 3-peice Aussie hip hop band from New South Wales. Formed in 2013, their style is a mix between American rap and Aussie sound and features Alco, Stone and Dr Bob. Today we hear from Marc about Sinners & Saints and their upcoming EP release, “One Life, One Death,” scheduled for March 2014! To find out more about the guys, you can head to their Triple J Unearthed or Facebook


How did the name Sinners & Saints come about?

The name is basically a description of all of the different people involved in the project, some sinners, some saints. It reflects on the album we are working on in a sense that some songs are beautiful, gentle and heart-felt songs and others touch on the border of obnoxious.


Your lyrics are honest and emotional. Who writes them and where does the inspiration come from?

The songs start in my studio, usually with a drum beat. 9 times out of 10 I will sit with that drum beat playing guitar until a chord progression appears. It’s never a concious thing, the writing process, it is completely automatic and begins without mood or theme and grows from there. Once I have an idea for the chorus the rest tends to write itself. We also work closely with artists from around Australia, be it singers or rappers, they all contribute equally to each song. My own lyrics are quite personal, I grew up listening to a lot of different styles of music and fell in love with the songs that had real feeling. When I started writing music I made sure that I put my heart on the line with every song, there’s no pointless songs, even if the true meaning behind them is hard to pick.


Where do you guys like to gig?

For me, the main areas are central-western New South Wales and Sydney. In regards to The Sinners & Saints, we are still putting the album together and talking with artists. Once we have a show ready it will have to be big enough and worth enough to have people from all over Australia meet and tour together. The plans are in place, the name of the tour is set, now its a matter of sorting through the fine details, putting a few videos out there to generate interest and complete the artist roster.


You’re debut EP entitled “One Life, One Death”, is set to be released in late 2013. What can fans expect to hear?

Fans can expect to hear a large amount of extremely talented musicians, be it singers, rappers, drummers, guitarists, pianists from all over the country. The music itself cannot be categorised into any one style although the main feel is hiphop. It’s being recorded in various locations then mixed and mastered at Scarlet Winter Records in Orange NSW. The 2013 release date has unfortunately been pushed back to March 2014 due to unforseen circumstances, however, will launch with 3 supporting singles on YouTube as well as a “making of” video to follow shortly after.


What was it like making your first video clip for your EP?

It’s actually a fun hurdle, given that every song features artists we have never actually met! I have an art portfolio that I use to design how I want the clip to be, then it is a matter of organising the footage to be recorded thousands of km’s away. I have spent quite a lot of time researching the areas I wish to use, finding photographs of areas and talking to local venue owners to get permission to film. The first clip has a planned start date of Jan 20th.


What drew you to Hip Hop?

Growing up I was always into metal and rock. Nirvana was my alltime favorite band and Kurt Cobain was probably the main reason I picked up a guitar in the first place. As time went on I got into more diverse bands such as Mr Bungle and V.A.S.T. Somewhere along the way I started listening to hiphop/rap, it began with WuTang Clan’s 36 Chambers and Dr Dre’s The Chronic. I started writing hip hop when I was 19 and found it so easy to express yourself, you can say five times more in a hip hop song than any other type of music (unless you want a song that goes for 20 mins).




Where do you go for creative inspiration?

To be honest, I dont go far, my favorite place to write is in my studio. By the time I walk in there I already have an idea of a song based on what has happened in the world around me. I have a guitar in almost every room in the house and whenever I sit down one of them usually ends up in my hands, songs write themselves by accident and inspiration is not something I usually need to go looking for. To me a song is a reflection of an emotion you are currently feeling. It might be words you don’t actually have the courage to say to someone, a feeling of loss or gain, happy or sad, it doesnt matter providing you are saying what you actually feel.


What advice would you give to artists looking to get into the Hip Hop scene in Australia?

The biggest thing, I think, is the fear of just jumping in the deep end. Throw yourself out there and learn what you need to in the process. There is no fail-safe solution to being popular in the music industry, you just need to swallow pride and get up and do it. The first time I played in front of a decent amount of people (200 give or take) I felt so scared I thought I would throw up! By the time I hit the 3rd song that fear had gone. One big turnaround for me was a gig we played where I had designed a screen play, stage, script, costumes, the works. It terrified me because it wasn’t at a place that is seen as accepting of “different” and trust me, this was different! By the end of our 60 min set we had every single person in the place standing in front of us, watching and laughing. Since then I have never been scared to be on stage, it has become something I crave and miss when I’m not doing it.


Sinners & Saints
Sinners & Saints

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