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Sam Sinclair



Sam Sinclair is a singer/songwriter from New Zealand who has posted over 50 original pop/rock music demos on his Bandcamp page. Read on form more or head to his Bandcamp to listen to some of his demo tracks. 


You’ve posted 52 demos on your music page! Where do you get all the inspiration?

Musically it depends. The type of guitar/pedal you are using will lend itself to certain styles and then it just comes from that. I think I’m most productive when I’m not trying explicitly to come up with something, but subconsciously you kind of are. It’s this weird balance that works. The best description I can give is that when I used to give our dog a bowl of food but tell her not to eat it, she would look anywhere but at the food, fully aware it’s right in front of her. Kind of what happens with songwriting, you know there’s something in front of you but if you look directly at it then it disappears. It forms in the peripheral.

Lyrically I’m still learning. Basically if something is honest and accurate then that’s what I aim for. There are a lot of clichés out there. When someone sings a line like “I will climb the highest mountain for your love” I very much doubt that. Mt Everest is pretty high. I understand the feeling you could be trying to evoke with that line but you can do better. Lately I’ve been leaning towards songs that are almost like satire, taking normal day things and twisting them. I try to keep it New Zealand, there are too many songs about California and not enough about Palmerston North or Taranaki or my old neighbor called Nigel who still lives down our road. Dad was talking about crossbreeding different sheep breeds the other day and mentioned “hybrid vigor”. There’s a song in that. The term “sunset industry” is in my notebook of ideas. Again there’s a song/idea in that. Once you know what to look you start seeing ideas everywhere.


Do you have a favourite demo track?

Some more than others but no outright favourite. Should have some new ones up soon with proper lyrics and everything.


Your styles include country, folk, jazz, pop and rock. Which style are you drawn to the most?

Oddly enough country at the moment. A good song is a good song, no matter what the genre but I’ve found country suits my style. I favour progressions and song structure which is the bread and butter of country music. It also seems that country covers the full range of temperaments. You have the slow sad songs, every day life songs, get your jig on songs, some great comedic songs and everything else in-between. It must be karma because I can remember taking the mickey out of dad for listening to John Denver growing up.


Where do you write your music?

Bedroom mostly. Sometimes lyrics on the way to work but its hard getting in the zone when you only have 30mins. Trying to get a band going in Auckland so if anyones keen give me a bell.


How many guitars do you have?

Two electrics and one acoustic.


What got you into music and posting your demos?

Started playing guitar in 6th form and its grown every day from then. If I don’t play the guitar or do something creative every few days I get a bit stir crazy. Guess it’s how I make sense of the world.


What are your future hopes in music?

A career would be the obvious goal but just to keep doing it, keep enjoying it, keep learning and meeting other people would be mighty fine.


Sam Sinclair

Sam Sinclair



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