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Kristy Ellen

Make-Up Artist


Specialising in wedding & photographic design makeup, Kristy Burton is a Professional Makeup Artist who works in the beautiful south-west region of Western Australia. I met Kristy at my cousins wedding, where she did all of the Bridesmaids amazing makeup on the day. Read on to find out about the life of a makeup artist and have a look at some gorgeous work. You can also find out more about Kristy’s work on her Facebook


You have seven years of beauty, wedding and high fashion experience. What drew you to creative make-up artistry?

I’m not sure exactly, but for as long as I can remember Makeup Artistry & the creativity behind makeup has always been a huge love of mine. I started my makeup career as a beauty therapist, with a keen interest in skin care. From there the two became my priority & what I wanted to do.

For me, the ability to enhance facial features by simply adding a darker contour or by applying a contrasting shade of colour is amazing, & so much fun! The list of things you can do with makeup is endless!


Where did you get the idea for Kristy Ellen Creative?

Kristy Ellen is my first name (the easy part), and I love the word creative & opted for that instead of ‘makeup artist’.


Do you have a preference for wedding or photographic design make-up artistry?

Oooh, I would have to say Photographic. In a way most makeup falls under the ‘photographic’ category. To have a record of your work, it needs to be photographed, so most makeup design’s & applications need to be to a standard where it will appear how you want it to through the camera. It is also the only way you can learn & grow as a makeup artist, by having a record of your work. In saying that though, I LOVE weddings. The traditional makeup look for a bride is beautiful & classic and is always fun to do. A wedding day is such a special day & I am very lucky to be able to share in on all of that joy!



You work in the South West region of Western Australia. What’s it like to work in such a beautiful location?

It is truly amazing! I am a little bias (& bragging), but the South West has an abundance of crazy talented young people, some of whom are my closest friends. Being surrounded by beautiful scenery definitely helps with the creativity and motivation, very blessed.


I really love the image from Jade and Isaacs’ Bali wedding on your FB page! Tell us about a favourite image showing some of your work and why?

Me too! Jade & Isaac’s wedding is definitely at the top of my list! They are our closest friends (my fiancé & I) & it was a massive honor to be a part of their day. I got to step away from the traditional bridal look & do a bright red lip which looked amazing on Jade. This is one of my favorite shots from the day, photographed by Russell Winter, of Jade & all of her sisters (genetically blessed family).


Do you get to travel much for work?

I do, but that mostly consists of the South West at the moment. Hopefully I will have the chance to travel a bit more through my work in the not too distant future!


You were included in the 2012 Perth Fashion Festival. What was it like working behind the scenes and collaborating with other professionals in the fashion industry? 

PFF was the most incredible experience! So much fun! It was my first Festival & first high pressure backstage experience. I learnt a lot & I met talented artists, some of whom I had been admiring their work for years, it really pushed my confidence & the ability to step out of my comfort zone. My favorite look was from the One Fell Swoop Opening Show, it was a look that I had never attempted before & was very cool.



What’s your favourite look to create? 

I am completely obsessed with flawless, glowing skin! To compliment this look, I love a bold plum on the lips. I’m not sure why but it has been my all-time favourite lipstick shade!


Have you got any beauty secrets most people should know? 

Yes I do. Eyebrows! Do not touch them! Always get your eyebrows professionally taken care of, & be sure to do your research. Don’t just go to any old beauty therapist. Find a Brow Specialist, where you can have a look at before & after images of the work being done i.e.: on instagram or facebook.

And… always wash your makeup off before you go to bed!



What advice would you give to people looking to start something similar? 

I was very very lucky in that when I decided to pursue makeup artistry as a professional career I was surrounded by some very lovely ladies whom I could look up to & learn from. To build your skills it is important to always be challenged & the best way to do that is to have a great group of people around you. Youtube is also great! There are an endless amount of tutorials. My favorite is Lisa Eldgridge. I love watching her & she is great in kick starting the motivation when feeling lazy!


Kristy Ellen Creative

Make-Up Artist


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