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I met Perth Photographer Niki Mossop in October this year, while she was shooting my cousins wedding. The wedding was captured beautifully by Niki, who loves shooting new clients in unique settings. Nikis’ portfolio includes portraits, real estate, events, fashion and personal. She has shaped a life that allows her to be self employed, creative and free to travel. Find out more about a career outside the square and have a look at some of her amazing work! You can also head to her Website or Facebook for more. 


Can you recall the moment when you first decided you wanted to follow your dream and become a freelance photographer?

It all unfolded when I decided to return to university and study photography as a post grad student. I had done photography as an elective in my undergraduate journalism degree, but never considered it as an option to persue as a ‘real job’ until much later. It wasn’t a specific moment in time but more a coming together of factors.



When did you get started full time?

I started off working part-time while I was studying, when I finished I had a second job for a while, until I got myself enough steady work to take it full time. That was in roughly end of 2011.


Out of all your work, what is your favourite photograph and why?

I don’t have one specific photograph as a favourite, but I love taking photographs when I’m travelling. I loved shooting from a helicopter in Hamilton Island, and I love this portrait I took of a little girl on Nusa Lembogan. These types of photographs are my favourites as they take me back to the time and place where I shot them.



Tell us about a typical day, in a career outside the norm.

I work freelance – so I mix working for myself with working for other photographers, as I like the social aspect of it and the difference in environment it offers, it keeps a typical day not so typical! Most days I’m editing photographs and conversing with clients about future/recent jobs. I then of course have days when all I do is shoot. I’ve been lucky enough to get work that has taken me to Sydney, Broome and Bali so far, and I’m hoping to do more jobs away as my business grows.



You are available for work worldwide. What is the most amazing place you have ever taken a photograph and why?

Sri Lanka, it was amazing because it was the first trip I took with a decent lens. I fell in love with just snapping away to my hearts content and just shooting for the love of it.


You shoot Portraits, Real Estate, Events, Fashion and Personal. Do you have a favourite?

Portraits – especially engagement shoots but my absolute favourite is travel photography.



You are constantly meeting new people. What’s it like sharing personal experiences with these people as you work with them?

It’s really cool getting to know and shoot new faces and places all the time. I love this side of the job as you come into contact with so many people. Especially at events as there are so many people there!


I love your logo, where did the design come from?

I used the website 99designs to submit a brief and then got a response from designers all over the world, and simply picked my favourite design.


What would you tell other creative people looking to follow their dream?

Go for it! It will take a bit of time to get yourself set up, but its so worth it!


Niki Mossop


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