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Reilly Craig


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I came across Perth singer/songwriter Reilly Craig after a friend shared a link to his new pop/rock album “Two Hearts” on iTunes. At this stage, the album had been released for a day and had already jumped to number 67 of the top 100 pop albums! I had a listen and really liked the feel of his music- especially loving the song “Like A Lady”. Today, we get to hear some of Reilly’s live music featuring loop pedals. The first song, “Denial,” is an original from the album and the second, a cover of John Mayer’s “Your Body Is a Wonderland”. Great work Reilly! You can buy his Debut Album “Two Hearts” here or head to his YoutubeiTunes or Triple J Unearthed. 


Of the eleven tracks on your debut album “Two Hearts,” which is your favourite and why?

To be completely honest I don’t really have a favourite track, I mean of course I like some more than others but I try not to pick a favourite track, but the song I most enjoyed recording and had the most fun in the studio with was the lead single ‘Like A Lady’.


Within one day of its release, your new album jumped to number 67 of the iTunes top 100 pop albums. What was that like for you?

Words honestly could not describe how excited I was, I remember when Ben (my manager) messaged me and said, after few hours of release, that the album was in the top 200, but for it to continue it’s momentum and get into not only top 100 but 67th in 24 hours was crazy, I don’t think I had ever been so excited in my life haha. Over the next 24 hours it continued on aswell and got to 27th on the Pop iTunes Charts.



Loving the cover art on your debut album. Where did the colour concept come from?

Well I really wanted the album to stand out and be very noticeable to public, and the theme for the album was colour, so when I had the photo shoot with the paint powder (as you would have seen in the booklet) we took one of the photos that was just really an explosion of powder and colour and used that as the cover.

It was really noticeable when it was on the iTunes Charts against other albums because it was so bright.


You’ve explored many different music avenues. What drew you to acoustic pop? 

I think I’ve always had a thing for general pop music and I guess acoustic pop was the closest I could get to it haha.

I love to see people smile, dance and sing along and I feel as if acoustic pop is the best for that.


What’s it like having best friend Ben Blakeley as your manager?

In one word it’s easy. Having him as my right hand man means not only is it fun organising and playing gigs but all the behind the scene stuff is just as fun also.



You (and sometimes Ben) write the music and lyrics. What inspires your lyrics?

Well my lyrics range from completely in the moment, to hearing someone say something and it catches my ear.

I’ve always loved to tell stories, but I find it much easier writing on the spot in the moment.



Your music has a Sunday sesh vibe to it. Tell us about your regular gigs. 

At the moment I have four regular gigs every week or fortnight! It’s always such a great experience whenever I play, I take every gig seriously and put my all in.

Tuesday Nights – Wembley Hotel

Every second Friday night – Wolf Lane

Saturday afternoon – The Sandbar

Every second Sunday afternoon – the aviary

I’m hoping I can get enough gigs under my belt each week for it to become my full time job.


I love your loop pedal cover of John Mayer “Your Body is A Wonderland”. What got you started with the loop pedal?

Just before I decided to take up doing the solo path, one of my mates I used to jam with introduced me to this loop pedal device, which allows you to record live through your guitar, or instrument of choice and it will constantly reply the loop you have created.

After a few solo shows (without) the loop pedal I figured it was time to make my live show a little bit more interesting. This opened so many doors to my performance and brings an aspect hardly anyone else uses.


What advice would you give to other solo artists, possibly looking to get into loop pedal music?

Well it took me just over 6 months to get good enough (in my opinion) to using the loop pedal for a live show. And it takes a lot of practice at getting your timing perfect. So master your timing and practice religiously and you will be ready in a lot less time than I was.


Reilly Craig


Youtube    Debut Album    iTunes    Triple J Unearthed

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