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Kevin Herig


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Based out of Albuquerque NM, Kevin Herig has just released his first solo album “Give It All Away,” which has an acoustic rock feel to it. Also Founder of Rock 101 New Mexico, Kevin Directs a rock n’ roll music program to educate and empower the youth of Albuquerque. Have a listen to “Middleman,” here- one of the awesome songs featured on his new album. To find out more, you can head to his WebsiteFacebookiTunes or Soundcloud


Tell us about your first solo album “Give it all away”.

I had been playing with my band Asper Kourt for just about 6 years, and just last year we decided to split and pursue music in different ways. Writing and performing, now as a solo artist, has been fun. I loved collaborating and playing music with guys, but this transition has allowed me to look at the music and songwriting in a different way. Recording “Give It All Away” was a great experience. It feels awesome to finally track these songs and share them, since I’ve been sitting on a few of them for quite some time.


Your music has a very chilled out feel to it, what drew you to this acoustic style?

I started writing songs early on in high school with just my guitar. I enjoyed artists who I could tell put a lot of effort into their lyrics and they always fit best with a simple accompaniment. A lot of the songs on the album include a full range of instruments, but I think still leave room for the song to breath and the lyrics to sit out front.



I love your song Hey Kay. It’s very sweet. Tell us about who inspired it.

I met “Kay” in 7th grade, gained enough courage to ask her out freshman year of high school, and eight years later I asked her to marry me. We’re about two months away from sealing the deal. I started writing this song on my way home from Kay’s apartment a few years back. We were weeks away from quitting our jobs and taking our first extended adventure together in Hawaii through an organization called WWOOF. It was a big moment in both of our lives and the quickly approaching departure brought anxiety, excitement, stress, second-guessing, etc. I sent her a voice memo of “Hey Kay” later that night.


What’s your favourite song on your new album and why?

I think “Shadow”. For me the song captures the overall theme of the album; realizing that most of the time we alone are the ones that get in the way of our happiness. It was also a lot of fun to record in the studio. I was able to collaborate with some of my great friends and whom I believe are some of Albuquerque’s finest musicians.


Where did the idea for the album cover come from?

Kay and I went on our WWOOF Hawaiian adventure just weeks after finishing tracking the record. I heard many of the rough recordings for the first time out there and started to associate the record with the lush landscape. I was originally going to use a shot that we took from out there for the cover, but we actually took the album shot in a neighborhood near the Sandia Mountains in my hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Where do you usually gig/tour?

My home is Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s not the biggest city, but I think it has one of the coolest music scenes. You’ll find a community of amazing musicians, all rocking their own style, and all very respectful and supportive of each other. It’s a beautiful place to live and a has a great crowd to play to. This summer we will plan on hitting the road a bit.



Who plays in the band with you when you do a solo show?

Lately, if not solo, I have been playing as a trio set (guitar, bass drums), but really it changes from show to show. For the “Give It All Away” CD release show we had 7 musicians on the stage at one point.


What advice would you give to new artists looking to start something in a similar style?

Write for yourself, about anything that moves you. Keep it light and fun.


Kevin Herig


 Website    Facebook    iTunes    Soundcloud    Rock 101 New Mexico

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