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Ian Bell

Photographer/ Graphic Designer

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Ian Bell is a Perth based Photographer & Graphic Designer who runs creative online portfolio IB Creative. I heard about Ian as he is friends with Lauren W. Price (Artist 003). So far, Ian’s experience includes logo design, publication design and photography, and he also runs a blog to provide creative inspiration. I love the piece “Home,” by Ian which is featured below. Check out some of Ian’s work here or head to his WebsiteBlog or Tumblr for more. 


You studied abroad at RU (Ryerson University) in Toronto, Canada. How did travel influence you creatively?

Toronto & Canada by extension allowed me to see similarities and differences between things I was accustomed to in both a cultural sense, but in many traditional and creative senses.


I love your project “Home”. Where did you get the idea for it?

“Home” was a photographic project based within my University studies at Ryerson University, within a photographic unit I elected to take. The unit was a fantastic one, and very different to what I was familiar with back at Curtin University. The project was based on the unit outline asking for a self-created called ‘mapping your city’. But the fact of being so far away from home really did make me think inwards to some of the ideas, and basically the decision I came to was simple; explore as I had been doing already — showing visually what I would see by walking in a crowed, city landscape using my iPhone as my primary imaging device. At the time, using an iPhone as a ‘camera’ was still rather taboo, much more then it is considered now.

Ultimately I combined my love for order with the idea of a photographic set into making several grids of images outlining some of the things I found unusual or prominent within my personal experiences in Toronto.



How did you feel finding out “Home” was your first gallery entrance accepted in another country?

I had no idea that the University funded gallery would jump at the idea, and include my grids in an exhibition — it was rather humbling! I really did feel a rush of emotions at the idea of others been able to see my work, at the other side of the planet to what I consider to be my home! It also helped to motivate me, as like many creatives self-doubt about your ideas, creations and work can be a real motivation killer.



What’s your favourite ever piece of original work/project you have worked on and why?

I think it would be my “Energetic Light” photographic set. It all came about quite by accident, and the whole project was complete within an afternoon — it literally was just the perfect conditions.

I often have incense in my workplace or room. At this point, the sun was shining in in a way that highlighted the smoke and the incredible shapes, spirals and dancing movements it was making. Due to the hight light, taking photos was easy, as the background was so dark in comparison to the smoke, it just appeared to be black. Finally in photoshop I simply played, not knowing what i would end up or even wanted was a real factor; I was exploring and stumbled upon colours that seemed to fit each image.



You are a photographer and graphic designer. Do you have a preference between the two?
I find it much easier to be a photographer! Often you find yourself working with what is going on around you, where as being a designer it is often an expectation that you will create something groundbreaking, ingestive and free!

But it is interesting to think about, because often I find an interesting merge occurs — I take very graphically arranged photographs, or approach a design project by taking photos! I think they work hand-in-hand.


You run an awesome blog to provide creative inspiration and design resources. What sorts of things do you look for and where do you source them?

I love colour, texture and generally anything abstract. Furthermore I am very much a ‘geek’ by name & practice. The things I post often reflect what is currently occurring in culture, such as movies, and general internet based phases. I do enjoy posting photographic sets of images, and instillation based pieces simply because it signifies a total & complete project.



You’re constantly working on new projects. Tell us about your latest one.

My latest project has spent many years in my mind before I found a way to realise it. It is based upon the idea of what lives in small, forgotten areas within our backyards or within cities, at the beach or deep within the forest. Building upon this, I have always had a deep affection for the Nintendo game’s within the Pikmin service. Essentially I have put these two together, after sourcing some none to easy to come across Pikmin models.

This project is ever changing, really dependent on the weather seasons, which add their own flair into each image — something that you simply could not photoshop, or to a point design. This is why I love photography; you can capture things that are simply there, and within this is a set of ideas, feelings & connotations that add so much to the reading of the image.

I just hope that people who view this project enjoy them not only for what they look like, but also enjoy the possibilities that these little creatures ‘could’ be living in places that they simply take for granted and walk by.

To be the first to view this new project follow this link!


Ian Bell


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