Interview 101- John DuVal

“I try to overcome any doubts by just posting my work online. I think it’s actually better for an artist to share their work, so that they can have confidence when they’re making it. I don’t think you should be shy when you create art.”

– John DuVal

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Interview 99- Hadas Aharon

“My favourite quote is “create a life you don’t need a vacation from”, and this is exactly what I’m trying to achieve with my life. My blog provides me with the amazing opportunity of taking my followers with me along the journey, while I’m trying to achieve my goals. My aim is to inspire others to follow their passion (whatever it might be) and live a happy fulfilling life. Of course, it’s always easy to find excuses why you can’t do what you want, but you just have to take a risk.”

– Hadas Aharon

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Interview 97- Louise Ho

“The fear of not selling sometimes would hit my heart. However, I have learned not to take it too personally. It is part of the learning process- review what’s working and what’s not working, what you need to do more and what to do less etc. Also just because people don’t buy your products today doesn’t mean they won’t buy in the future. So you just have to believe in yourself and continue to improve along the way.”

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