Rachel Ann Cauilan

 “Above all: Do what makes you happy. This life is too short to be lived blindly or in fear of chasing what moves you. Do what makes you feel most alive! I hope that in everything that I choose to do in my life, and the way in which I respond to my life, can inspire others to do what makes them feel good.”

- Rachel Ann Cauilan 

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Natalie Carter

“I think throughout primary and secondary school, no career ever got me excited, I just stuck with something that I didn’t truly love simply because there wasn’t a prospect of “doing whatever the hell you want to do” school was quite boring, I didn’t enjoy the subjects and prefer learning at my own pace. And unfortunately it’s a huge problem for a lot of people in school, but sometimes in order to get into a dream career, you have to make it up yourself.”

- Natalie Carter

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Mary Savva

“There were a lot of people from my family that questioned my decision of becoming an artist and advised me to do something else, something that would have a more stable income. However, for me there was never a question, a second thought, a doubt.”

- Mary Savva

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Sara Winfield

“I’ve thought a few times now about getting a 9-5 job with a safe income and holiday pay! But, it would probably kill my soul. I need to be creative and now I’ve had a taste for how rewarding it can be, there’s no going back.”
- Sara Winfield