Portrait before R.E.A.L Music’s debut headline show. Sold Out Warehouse Party in Melbourne. Credit: @jimstagrammed

Matt Ondarchie

“Does anyone question your choices and how do you deal with this?”

“I get a lot of people who ask how law is going and then are pretty shocked or disappointed when I tell them what I’m doing with my life. I do get a lot of supportive people though who encourage me. You gotta do what satisfies you in the end. Don’t play it safe. Life’s too short for that.”

 (Matt Ondarchie- R.E.A.L Music)

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Mary Savva

“What advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to create the life of their dreams?”

“If you can live without it then don’t do it. If you really love and work for something you will succeed!”

(Mary Savva- Artist)

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” Where do you go for creative inspiration?”

“Usually I drive alone by myself, its one of my favourite past times. Many of my songs have been written in a quiet parking lot where I can just get away from the world.”

(Dialekt- MC)
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Sara Winfield

What advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to create the life of their dreams?

Be smart about it. No artist ever made money from just sitting and painting and thinking that people would magically come and buy it. Do your research, make a budget and never underestimate the importance of marketing and PR.

(Sara Winfield- Artist)

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Little Earthquake

What advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to create the life of their dreams?

Believe in yourself. If you know what you wanna do then know that we as humans all have equal ability to be great. Each and every one of us! So do it and never stop. If you do that, then you will get it.

(Little Earthquake- Band)

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Anna Campbell

What stops artists from being successful?


Fear can be crippling at times. I don’t think that fear stops artists from singing, painting, filming, expressing themselves…but it may stop them from showing their creations.

(Anna Campbell- Artist)

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David Michael

“How do you deal with reactions to your work?”

“Many people will tell you you can’t draw, even your friends might- but keep in mind that you do what you do for your own personal satisfaction and not theirs. I had strangers tell me my work is lovely and amazing and I had close friends tell me otherwise.”

(David Michael- Artist)
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Logan Crawford

“What does music mean to you?”

“I quite simply used music as my way of expressing my thoughts and telling my story. In essence, I would pursue music for my own mental benefits before the thought of performing to others ever crossed my mind. I don’t intend to sound selfish at all in that statement. I find that if you are true to your music at an individual level, then it speaks to others more effectively when they hear it.”

(Logan Crawford- Singer/Songwriter)
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Photograph of Holly Norman by Jenny May

Holly Norman

“What inspires you?”

“I am lucky to have friends and musical colleagues who inspire me and make me want to better myself. I was on exchange in Miami during university and some of my friends from school over there have gone on to do some incredible things in music. I think travel is really important to a creative life – I’ve been travelling a fair bit recently.”

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Live photo by Chris Webster

Spilt Cities

“What inspires you?”

That changes a lot. I read a lot, so usually something that I’ve read that really plays on my mind. A few Jack Kerouac books (not ‘On The Road’, that’s great though) that I went through had some great ideas in there, when he was losing his mind or really questioning himself. A lot of it comes from that, questioning yourself, trying to succeed, confronting your values. It’s rarely something positive or uplifting, just because it doesn’t gnaw at you the way darker thoughts will. They’re the things you need to let out somehow.”

(Shaun Rodan from Spilt Cities- Band)

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Zac Nauendorf from Myfakebirthday- Photography by Elle Borgward

My fake birthday

“What got you into music?”

“I‘ve always been a fan of music, I consider myself a listener first and foremost. Music brings people together and makes you feel a myriad of emotions so it was a natural progression I guess. I was intrigued by turntablists from a young age and began to play around with music at home. I met DJ Junior who showcased his talent and really opened my eyes to the technical skill and competitive nature of the scene. I have slowly been finding my style and think that it is something that will continually evolve over time.”

(Zac Nauendorf- Myfakebirthday)

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Eve Coen

“What advice would you give to aspiring artists?”

“Well one, don’t give up on a piece you’re working on, just keep trying and trying. Don’t doubt your art, believe in yourself and believe you can get to the goal you want to achieve. Don’t waste your money for things that you won’t ever, ever use. Always try your best!”

(Eve Coen- Artist)

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Lanark. Photography by Billy Reeves. Left to Right - Darren, Michael, Temily, Damian and Sandon


“What advice would you give to aspiring bands?”

“Write the music that you want to write. Don’t change/alter your music for anybody. Stick to your guns.”

(Sandon French from Lanark- Band)

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LAYLA- Photo by www.joshuahalling.co.uk


“What advice would you give to aspiring singer/songwriters?”

“Write your own songs. All the time. For me, writing a bad song is better than singing someone else’s song brilliantly, because that is what makes you get better at your craft. Work hard. Practice. Slowly invest in a simple recording set up and learn how to record your own demos. Work with other musicians. Write songs with other people. And know that you have to be in it for the right reasons. If you want money and fame then you’re going to be pretty miserable for a few years whilst you get good.”

(LAYLA- Singer/Songwriter)

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Website Photo

Brian Eulenstein

“What advice would you give to aspiring authors?”

“Read… lots!  Find authors, genres, styles that appeal to you. Learn what you like and don’t like.

While reading… write.  Play with writing styles that you enjoy reading, and develop a style that fits you.  Be concise in your writing, make every word count.”

(Brian Eulenstein- Author)

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