Rachel Ann Cauilan

 “Above all: Do what makes you happy. This life is too short to be lived blindly or in fear of chasing what moves you. Do what makes you feel most alive! I hope that in everything that I choose to do in my life, and the way in which I respond to my life, can …

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Natalie Carter

“I think throughout primary and secondary school, no career ever got me excited, I just stuck with something that I didn’t truly love simply because there wasn’t a prospect of “doing whatever the hell you want to do” school was quite boring, I didn’t enjoy the subjects and prefer learning at my own pace. And …

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On-stage at The Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne to a Sold Out Crowd. Supporting Watsky on his Australian Tour. Credit: Sean Meaney, @thesidewaysmonkey

Matt Ondarchie

“Chase your dreams with a shot of motivation. Don’t let it be a pipe dream. Go get it. Because it’s closer than you think.” – Matt Ondarchie


Mary Savva

“There were a lot of people from my family that questioned my decision of becoming an artist and advised me to do something else, something that would have a more stable income. However, for me there was never a question, a second thought, a doubt.” – Mary Savva



“I over came fear from practice. In a way, when you run out of things to fear, the fear kind of dissipates.” – Dialekt


Sara Winfield

“I’ve thought a few times now about getting a 9-5 job with a safe income and holiday pay! But, it would probably kill my soul. I need to be creative and now I’ve had a taste for how rewarding it can be, there’s no going back.” – Sara Winfield

Little Earthquake

Little Earthquake

“Believe in yourself. If you know what you wanna do then know that we as humans all have equal ability to be great. Each and every one of us! So do it and never stop. If you do that, then you will get it.” -Little Earthquake


Anna Campbell

“Learn the rules, then break them. Work hard. Find balance between what you want to do and what you need to do. Read. Observe. Most importantly, be kind to your fellow artists! – Anna Campbell

David Michael

David Michael

“Always love what you do or don’t do it.” “Go for it- nothing is stopping you from being what you want to become.” – David Michael